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Playing With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked
July 3, 2022
Mommy Loves All Fetish Play
July 9, 2022

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Brenda’s Diaper Fetish ABDL Dell: Dell is such a horny little ABDL; if it is not one thing that turns him on, it is also another. His diaper fetish began a few years ago, when he was in college, during an experiment in which he decided to go a day as an abdl.He indulged himself in abdl videos, abdl clothes, and abdl stories, and then he realized that the one-day experiment had just continued for years. He never told his college roommate anything at the time, and he also never told his girlfriend; he has kept this secret all this time until he decided that he needed to tell someone about it, and he told me.

He knew that he could trust me to lead and guide him along his journey as an adult baby diaper lover, and he has been so pleased ever since. I have made it possible for his fetish to flourish and for him to be the best Abdl that he can be. He dreams about me mothering him, nurturing him, and breast-feeding him all while he wears his diapers. The dreams that he shared with me are all dreams that have become realities, so in a sense, not only am I his aunt Brenda, but in a way, as I make all of his sexy abdl dreams come true, I am also like his fairy godmother.

I don’t need a magic wand, but I do have a magic brush that I keep in my purse, and when I want to teach him a lesson for misbehaving – which he does on occasion – that’s when I’ll spank his ass.

He usually will whimper and cry, but I know that there is a part of him that secretly enjoys having me have him over my knee while I alternate between spanking him with my brush and my bare hand. The closeness that he has to me, especially when his bare cock is pressed up against my thighs, really turns me on, especially when I can feel his dick twitching and his balls tightening. I don’t need to see it; all I need to do is feel it, and my pretty pussy starts getting creamy and wet.

Once I am satisfied with the punishment that I have given him, that is the time that I will turn him over and sit on his face, and he will be sure to drink as much as he can of my sweet nectar.

I can’t speak for others, but my perfect pussy is soft, delicate, and sweet, and it is so very satisfying—it is much more than a treat. You need to call now and find out for yourself how sweet it is. We will roleplay and enjoy all of the pleasures that you know that you deserve to experience, so pick up your phone and call me now so we can have a fantastic phone fuck. Click Here



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