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It’s Time For A Diaper Change Whether You Like It Or Not!
December 8, 2019
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Sissy Babies Are Silly Babies!
December 14, 2019

It’s snowing outside! Do you want Mommy to get you all dressed and ready in your winter clothes so you can play in the snow? It’s the perfect weather for a silly abdl like you to make a snow angel.  Let’s check that diaper first to make sure you don’t go out in the cold air with a wet diaper, that wouldn’t be good at all. That dry abdl diaper is going to be one more layer against the cold and any little accidents you may have while you’re out there having fun! We’ll make snow angels, and a snow fort, and snowballs that I will aim at your diapered bottom every chance that I get. By the time I have to make you go inside your cheeks will be red and blushing while that diaper is going to wet enough for another change. Are you ready to play outside? Call me for some fun abdl phone sex.



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