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February 20, 2021
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Roleplay Phone Sex Is Always The Sexiest Fun
February 23, 2021

scat playYou called me anxious as you just got home, drenched and soaked from the intense downpour of torrential rain that poured on you as you left work.  You took your clothes off and remained in your undies and noticed that there was a slew of tire tracks inside.  It had happened again – your gaping asshole was still leaking runny shit ever since I had you fist fuck yourself for the first time last night.

Your mind now begins to travel and you worry that maybe this was there all day while you were at work and your colleagues may have noticed something.  You go into an intense panic concerned that you may be laid off from your job and in this pandemic you just cannot afford to fuck things up at work.  I calm you down and tell you to take off your underwear and throw it in the washing machine and return to speak to me on the phone.

You listen and you tell me that you need to take a shower to wash your asshole as you can still feel the runny shit dripping down your legs and I told you to wait.  I told you that we should take advantage of this moment and explore having scat phone sex and you pause in your tracks.  You did not want the situation of your gaping asshole to get any worst but you are curious as to what else I had in mind and you recalled how much fun you had when you fist fucked yourself. I told you that we forgot to have you taste yourself last night due to lack of time, but today it was going to happen.

You inserted several fingers inside and scooped up some shit that was at the entrance of your ass and you dug in deep and collected a handful.  I had you look at it, touch it, smell it an describe what was inside of it.  You told me that you saw bits of yesterday’s salad commingled in with the shit which consisted of bits of corn, carrots, hemp seeds, kale and beets.  I guided you to place your shitty palm against your face and smear it all over your face like a face mask then slowly lick your shit rest of the shit from the palm of your hand.

You stuck your tongue out and I heard you lapping at it as if it was a fulfilling meal.  You were quite surprised that you enjoyed it and it tasted better than you could have ever imagined and it was at that moment that I decided that you will eat your shit at least three times a week. The roleplay phone sex you experienced with me was just so forbidden, so unique and so sweet that you just knew the importance of trusting me to guide you on your next sexual adventure.

When it comes to the world of abdl roleplay there are just no boundaries once you have a mommy to guide you and take you to heights that you never thought were possible, so abandon all of your fears and let go and let me take you to the next level in your sexual fantasies.



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