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October 18, 2021
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October 23, 2021

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Jenny likes abdl bdsm roleplay and that is because this is what I forced her to enjoy.  She started off with me as a newbie and she was not familiar at all with al sorts of abdl bdsm kink.  It was my pleasure to teach her the amount of pleasure that she can enjoy in her role as a submissive and she has loved it ever since. Initially, she called me on the phoneamommy line and she was looking to have MILF phone sex. She wanted someone who has a bit of age on them as she is so young so she was looking for mature phone sex and that is when she found me and I was exactly what she was looking to find and she was exactly what I was looking for.  So young and so fun and so full of cum! I love them her age so they can be molded into exactly what I wanted them to be molded into. 

That is why I love to throw Jenny down and spread her pretty and pert ass cheeks so she can take my long and hard strap on and get it shoved into her tight ass by me.  I want to have her feel the impact and the pounding of my strap on all the way from her anus to her colon.  If I put my hand on her tummy, I expect to feel the dildo moving back and forth in her tummy on the palm of my hand.  She will have to arch her back and take all of my dildo and bounce back on it several times while I play with her clit.  I will rub it til it gets sticky and make it into the hole of her cunt with my fingers.  She is a little slutty whore so I now that she likes it when I push several fingers into her pussy.  I prefer to use three fingers in her pussy, and you should see how wild she acts like an animal caught inside of a trap that is trying to escape.

She would yell out to me to push it in harder as she has a bit of a masochistic streak and I would make her beg me for it.  How interesting it is to see and hear little Jenny begging for my artificial cock to be rammed deep inside of her.  The more I push the more she would cream all over her herself where if I wanted to use my hand and wipe some of it off, some may think that I melted a bunch of marshmallows in my hand.

Then I would turn her over on her back and I would sit on her face and place the artificial cock in her mouth and place it to the back of her throat and I would have her suck it off in entirety. And she would suck on it as if it was a real cock and I would take it out and slap it across her face and I would remind her of what a little dirty slut that she is. Afterwards it would be time for me to remove the strap on and give her my pussy to lick and that is exactly what I would doa dn she would sop it up as if it was my cunt was a bread being dunked into a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup.



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