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Mommy Just Loves Controlling Your Every Movement
July 24, 2021
A boy Wearing The Very Dirty leaky diaper
Abdl Shows Off His Messy Diapers!
July 26, 2021


Lovely Lorraine is a submissive adult baby diaper lover who loves to have a lot of fun.  One of the things that is on the top of abdl Lorraine’s list is licking lubricated genitals. This is more than a hobby for her – she needs to suck on lubricated genitals to live.  She started off loving to lick on lubricated genitals early when she was in high school at the age of 18 years old. Directly after high school when she picked up a boyfriend that also attended her school.  This was her first experience with a boyfriend and he opened her up sexually to a lot of things.

He in essence became her teenage dominant and she because his little girl – which is also known as a ddlg. He had her do things that were shocking and some were mild, but no matter what she always did as she was told.  Out of all the things that she was told to do, she realized that she loved to lick lubricated genitals. She would suck on her boyfriend’s cock and she made sure to include the balls and it was what made her boyfriend’s eye roll to the back of his head.  He would grab the back of Lorraine’s head and push her face down so hard on his lubricated genitals that she would practically choke on them. Her eyes would water, her nipples would harden, her vaginal canal would start to leak out clear pussy juices straight down to her pussy hole’s entrance.

The more that slutty slave cunt Lorraine gagged the harder, stiffer and slimier her boyfriend’s monster cock would get and she was in heaven.  Her man’s milk was like fine wine as it was a nice taste, gave a great after taste when the cum would drip out and then she would just squirt a bunch of streaming, hot, pale yellow piss directly into the cum filled diaper that she wore, with her cum filled pussy. Her piss was as if she swallowed a gallon of water because so much of it would be expelled from her body.

Her diaper would become so full and it was so saturated that it would leak and run down her legs and she would continue sucking her man’s cock like if it were a cotton candy flavored lollipop.  Her lips would be wrapped around his shaft while her tongue would make tiny circles on his prick.  He was thoroughly enjoying it and the pleasure that he received was so intense that he shot so much of his load into Lorraine’s mouth and whatever was left over he grabbed his dick and shook the cum remnants directly unto Lorraine’s glasses.

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