What Happens When You’re Naughty
January 8, 2023
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Brenda Does Filthy Things with Her Son! (Part 1)
January 9, 2023




Mommy keeps all her naughty adult baby boys in her naughty nursery. Instead of baby toys and a crib, mommy’s nursery is equipped with sex toys and a special bed with straps. And mommy has all sorts of naughty fun with her adult babies.

There’s nothing better than kinky, naughty fun between mommy and her diaper boys. Mommy enjoys making all her little guys cum over and over. And making them mommy’s little sex slaves. Mommy loves to hear you all beg, and nothing beats the moaning and grunting that fills the nursery.

It’s music to mommy’s ears. Makes mommy excited as well. Mommy gets very wet playing with her naughty little ones. There’s nothing mommy enjoys more than making peepee’s cum and emptying their balls of all that sticky, creamy jizz. And all for mommy.

A special room for all of mommy’s naughty fun Mommy never gets tired of playing. And mommy could never get tired of being sexually pampered. Instant gratification anytime mommy pleases or desires All within arm’s reach, all in one room, all for mommy.

Mommy can just lay back and have all her naughty boys take care of all of her needs. Mommy just has to snap her fingers, and you will all do mommy’s bidding. Mommy’s fun little ones Just imagine all the naughty things Mommy will do to you and all the yummy things you will do to Mommy.

In mommy’s naughty nursery for naughty boys, mommy controls everything. What mommy says, goes. Mommy expects all her little boys to do as told. Otherwise, instead of fun naughty things, mommy will have to do mean things to those who disobey.

Just imagine how bad you would have to be in Mommy’s naughty nursery to make Mommy upset. Mommy likes it all, and for Mommy to get mad about certain behaviors means a lot. Maybe your punishment would not be standing in the corner facing the wall, but standing in the corner, facing out, watching everyone else have all sorts of fun.

It’s the no naughty fun time out. No one wants to be excluded from everything going on in the naughty nursery, so just make sure you do as Mommy commands and that won’t happen. Instead, you will get to experience it all. Having fun yourself is so much better than just watching everyone else have fun.

Would you like to come play in Mommy’s nursery and be one of Mommy’s naughty boys? Everyone will be wet and sticky by the time we are done playing. Then we will have even more fun during clean-up time. Naked in the bath, with warm water cascading over our bodies, it will feel so good.

Never-ending fun with Mommy Candy is just a phone call away, and mommy is available 24/7 for all her little ones. Mommy likes to make her Abies feel good, and mommy just loves to make her naughty adult babies cum over and over. Begging for the fun to never stop.

Mommy is waiting…

Mommy Candy


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