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Vicky Loves To Play With Her Babies In Her Own Special Way
August 9, 2021
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August 13, 2021

abdl mommy

Breasts, that are on my body are carefully placed there by nature to have my adult baby diaper lovers feed.  I have what they need and they have no choice but to feed. When you have what they need, you solidify the place you have in their lives and the role that you play as their caregiver, nurturer and mother.  I will nurse abdl baby girls and abdl baby boys and give them gentle loving care.  Each of my breasts must be sucked to make sure that there is an even amount of milk for them to swallow.  Once they latch on, I will know when they have had enough and I will ease them off gently.

Not just that, I am also the means for them to sleep as my breasts serve multiple purposes to feed and to comfort.  I am not opposed to using these same precious breasts as punishment for my abdl babies when they cross my path with disobedience.  Withholding the very thing that brings them so much comfort and joy because they choose to misbehave ends up straightening them up so they could follow my lead is what happens. I also guide my babies to also feast from the sweet essence between my legs as I remind them that this is the portal that they traveled to get here in this world. I spread my legs to give life and they eat my cunt to sustain life – it is what happens when things come back full circle.  I am pleased first and out of me being pleased they will also be rewarded – that is just the way it is.

I expect to be massaged, spoiled and praised and if the amount of that dwindles down – there will be no reward for anyone.  Kiss my pussy and drink my milk, that is what is expected.  I am Mommy London and I will do all of the sexual kinks with you and you are expected to simply follow and go along. Whether I want milf sex, mom son sex or maybe I am in the mood to watch mommy porn – if I want it, then so it shall be. There will be no debating with me, this is not a democracy, I decide what will be and it will be. And, if you try to see what will come out of not listening to me – prepare your asses to be fucked with my strap on, Prepare your pussies to be pounded with my dildo. Prepare your nipples to be pinched with my nipple clamps. Prepare your mouths to be ready to drink my cum and drink my piss. It’s as easy as that – if you don’t want the drama – don’t try to bring it to your mama. I will not tolerate it and you will learn that the easy way or the hard way. You decide how you want to be treated by the way that you treat me. That is exactly how it is going to be.



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