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August 21, 2022
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August 28, 2022



Mommy’s Little Toilet: That’s right, you’re now mommy’s little toilet boy. You will be at mommy’s disposal for all of mommy’s bathroom needs. Mommy will get you all set up with your special toilet. A direct line right to your mouth, so you can swallow all of mommy’s potty messes.

Mommy will straddle the toilet attached to your face and sit down, the weight of mommy on your face and chest. Make sure you don’t let your arms buckle; we don’t want you dropping Mommy. Or choking yourself with the hose and draining from the toilet bowl.

Mommy slides her pants down and sits on top of the toilet, feeding right into your mouth and down your throat. Mommy relaxes her body and bladder and lets the warm piss flow directly into your mouth. Swallow it all; don’t let any overflow onto the floor.

You are now mommy’s toilet slave, and you will drink mommy’s pee, and then you will lick mommy’s pissy pussy clean. Make sure you get every last drop glistening from mommy’s cup. With you, mommy no longer has need for a regular toilet or for toilet paper.

Anytime, anywhere.  If mommy needs to pee, you are ready and eager to be of service. Mommy likes to watch you get excited, and with your little chastity cage, mommy smiles as she sees you dripping. That peepee was caged up and unable to get hard.

Throbbing and twitching as you drink mommy’s urine Completely at mommy’s disposal. The ultimate good boy for mommy Soon you will be begging for mommy to use you. Pleading with mommy to let you drink straight from mommy’s pussy.

Your eagerness to please Mommy pleases her tremendously. Mommy is proud of her little one for being so quick to do as told. No fussing, no hesitating, just being obedient and willing to do anything and everything you are told.

Mommy will never have to worry again about finding a bathroom when needed. All mommy will have to do is snap her fingers, and you will be ready to accommodate mommy’s every whim and desire. You are completely at mommy’s disposal.

Mommy controls you, and mommy expects you to jump when she demands your services. Your little clutzy cock pulsating in your cage And if you’re a really good boy, mommy will eventually release you from your restraints and let that pathetic cock squirt and cum for mommy.

There’s nothing Mommy enjoys more than an obedient little one. A personal toilet slave is a close second when it comes to mommy’s pleasure at your full and complete surrender to mommy’s demands. Mommy expects you to lick her from asshole to pussy, making sure she is cleaned properly.

Would you like to be mommy’s private toilet bowl and drink mommy’s warm pee? Would you like to be a good boy for mommy and lick her clean after every time she uses the potty? Are you looking for a good job?If so, call Mom today and let Mom treat you exactly as you deserve.

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