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August 21, 2022
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September 4, 2022



When Mommy’s Away: I just can’t help myself; any time mommy leaves me unattended and alone for more than a few minutes at a time, my hands start to wander. My diapered pussy gets so excited and wet. I have no control.

I start to squeeze and rub my diaper; I know Mommy wouldn’t approve, but I just can’t stop myself. Soon I start whimpering, pushing harder against my diaper. I need more; I need to feel my hands and fingers against my bare pussy.

I slide my hands inside the top of my diaper and gasp as I rub my fingertips over my clitoral area. It feels so good, I arch my back slightly and press harder. I feel my pussy get so aroused and wet and start to open up like a pretty little flower. With no hesitation at all, I open my diaper and slide it down my thighs.

Being a diaper girl keeps me in a state of constant arousal. And as soon as mommy turns away, the adult baby will play. Mommy knows how turned on I get, and she likes to tease me until I am begging for release. She knows I play when she’s not around, and she also knows that I am always ready for more.

And as punishment for being a naughty ABD baby girl, mommy teases me unmercifully. Not allowing me to orgasm until she decides. I look up at mommy and plead for her to let me go. “Please, mommy, please” My cries fall on deaf ears as mommy continues to tease me.

Just when I feel like I am going to explode into a million little pieces, mommy leans down and whispers in my ear. Her warm breath against my sensitive skin causes me to tingle all over, and as soon as she expels those magic words, which I have been waiting so long to hear, I squirt so hard. “Cum for mommy, baby girl!”

I’m lying here thinking about that while I play with my pussycat and while mommy is in the other room. I start to cough. I bite my bottom lip to keep back the moans, so mommy doesn’t hear me. I rub my fingers down to my soaked pussy and push two fingers inside my drenched cunt.

And that’s exactly how Mom found me when she walked back into the room. Knuckles deep, head back, eyes closed, cupping all over my hand and diaper. Mommy waited until my body started to relax before clearing her throat and alerting me to her presence.

I was startled and pulled my dripping hand away from my spasming pussy. Before I could open my mouth and say anything, mommy told me to put my hand back between my thighs and push three fingers deep inside my throbbing throat.

I looked up at mommy and did as I was told. As soon as my fingers slid in, I had to squeeze my thighs tightly closed to keep from cumbering right there and then. Mommy saw my distress and laughed.

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