The sissification of a naughty boy
January 30, 2008
That girl is wild
February 5, 2008

Do you like to wear your diapers solely in the privacy of your own home while alone or with your significant other? Or do you venture out into public places thickly diapered as well?

I haven’t been one to really mix my private pleasures and enjoyment of my fetishes and lifestyle with my life outside of the ab/dl realm , but lately it’s been hard to separate the two.

Last week… all week long I was on a major diaper kick.  I wore my favorite diapers to school every day.  I just love the feel of them against my skin, and the crinkle crinkle.  Once I even filled my diaper while I was on the city bus coming home. It felt like a naughty secret, because noone imagined it was me, since there was a Mommy and her very young baby sitting right next to me!

Friday night I wore them double thick out to the club. *giggles*  A really hot guy saw me walking across the room and finally asked me to dance.  I knew he was looking at my boom boom because he grabbed my tushie the first chance he got while we were on the floor.  I was a lil nervous at first as I watched his facial expressions change, but then he told me I had the softest lovliest derriere he ever imagined!

I’ll leave how the night ended to your imagination *giggles* or give me a call to hear the rest of my adventure and share diaper stories and fun times with me as well.

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