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January 26, 2008
out on the town
January 30, 2008

Well, as most of you know, my mommy has a sissy baby that she sits for on the weekend. Well, he didn’t start out a sissy. He was being quite naughty for my mommy one weekend, so she came up with a little idea for punishment which has now turned him into a full blown sissy. the first thing she did was turn him over to me for a day at the spa. Mommy has sat for sissies before, and she has taught me just what to do to totally sissify a naughty baby. So I took him to the spa and had him transformed. For full details, you can check out my previous blogs on here and my yahoo 360 page at  The short end of it, is he got waxed and his hair done and a new wardrobe. At first he was totally mortified and embarrassed. And of course, I had a grand ol time teasing him. Now he is really starting to enjoy it. Although he won’t admit to it. So now my mommmy has completely turned him over to me for the next step, which is his girl lessons. For all the juicy details keep an eye on my 360 blog. *giggles wildly*

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