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January 2, 2021
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Spankings For All Bad Adultbabies
January 6, 2021

abdl disciplineI am a dominant mommy and I have my own adult babies that I play with everyday.  I engage with them with diaper changes, ABDL discipline, sissy training and a variety of age regression sessions. Though  I have my own adult babies that I play with, I am a true dominant even when I am not playing with my ABDLs.  Case in point, last Saturday I decide to go to my backyard to straighten up a few items that the storm the night before scattered into disarray. I left my door unlocked as I intended on only being out side for a few minutes.  While I was in my backyard, two schoolgirls decide to trespass unto my property. They broke into my home and decided to start stealing small items like jewelry and money.

They thought that no one was home so they tried to hurry out of the door and I blocked them from leaving.  I told them that they were trespassing and I was going to call the police and get them arrested.  They begged and pleaded for me not to report them and they returned the stolen items to show in good faith that they were sorry.  I told them that it does not matter that they returned my items, the fact remains that they trespassed into my home and were going to get away with it had I not caught them.

I told them that the only way they were going to leave my residence is for me to give them a good old fashioned spanking discipline.  They hesitated and did not agree to it and I took out my cell phone from my jacket and pretended to call the police. Terrified of the possibility that they would go to jail, they hesitantly agreed last minute that they were willing to anything that would make me not call the police on them and would not alert their parents.  I told the both to disrobe the bottoms of their red volleyball shorts and bend over.  They were both not wearing any underwear which exposed their bald pink pussies.  I retrieved a nearby stick and as they both bent over I started giving them a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking with the stick repeatedly.

They were screaming and begging me to stop because they were both in a lot of pain but their pleas fell on deaf ears. I continued spanking their tight and toned buttocks and as the stick lashed against them their ass cheeks would wiggle like jelly. I wanted to teach them both a lesson that stealing and trespassing will not be tolerated and though they apologized there are still consequences that they had to pay.

After I viciously spanked them for an hour they could not recognize their badly abused bottoms. I decided that the lesson still was not enough because I wanted them to remember this experience for the rest of their lives. So, I took the stick that I battered their bottoms with and and I took turns penetrating their shit holes with it simultaneously. I inserted the stick dry, without any lubrication and it made them yell and scream for me to stop but I continued.  Afterwards I had them spread their tight assholes open and I sprayed a bottle of alcohol in there which burned their assholes severely.  Then I had the pull back up their volleyball shorts and they exited my house hunched over in pain and limping.  I was very pleased that the lesson I administered on them will remain in their memories forever and hopefully lead them on the right path from now on.



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