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Diaper Change In Front Of Everyone!
September 28, 2020
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Sweet Mommy Changes Cute Diaper Girl
October 2, 2020

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Awareness came slowly to Ronnie, sunlight glancing through his eyelids as he rolled over on his back to find that sweet spot that would let him go back to sleep. His skin encountering a cold, wet spot ruined that, though, and he jerked up in panic. He peed himself in his sleep again! In a flurry of motion he snatched his sheets off the bed, threw them into the washing machine, exchanged the puppy training pad he’d started laying on top of the mattress for a clean one, and got himself cleaned up and dressed. He was heading for the bathroom, quiet as possible when Aunt Brenda stepped out of her room, and even though he was sure she didn’t know anything, he still froze for a second. He figured she would say something about the deer-in-headlights look he must have, but she just started talking about her plans for the day.

He threw out a few hints that he needed to get to the bathroom, but she kept on chatting and he started to get worried, since he didn’t know how long it had been since he wet himself, the puddle was cold when he woke up so it might have been awhile.  He needed to get into the bathroom!

Ronnie had skirted around her, finally had his hand on the bathroom doorknob, when he had the awful feeling of something wet and very warm soaking into his pants leg! He looked down in horror, then nearly broke something turning around to get into the bathroom when he saw the growing wet spot but was stopped in his tracks when Aunt Brenda grabbed his arm.

“Ronnie, what’s wrong? What are you… what is that?” She looks down at his pants leg, the realization of what she was seeing taking over her face. “Did you… did you just wet yourself?” He blushed in humiliation and stammered, trying silly lies like he had spilled something, but she wasn’t buying that since she watched the spot get bigger, and she was starting to smell it.

She dragged him to the guest bedroom, and snatched his pants and underwear, leaving him standing next to the bed while she rummaged through the closet, fussing at the whole time. “You think I didn’t know about you wetting the bed? That I wouldn’t notice anything?” She turned back around with her hands filled with baby wipes, a diaper, and baby powder. “I was trying to be patient, let you come to me about it, but that was apparently very silly of me!”

She pushed him back onto the bed and proceeded to clean him, powder him up, and put him a diaper. He moved to take it off, but all that got him was spanking across the back of his thighs! He cried and screamed, saying that he was sorry and that he was going to be good, if she would just stop. She finally did and didn’t seem keen on letting him put his big boy undies on. He was being forced into diaper! Doesn’t he deserve some diaper punishment?


Aunt Brenda


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