A Good Use of That Squishy Diaper
January 27, 2023
Mommy Catches You
February 13, 2023


“Two pitchers of chocolate martini, Penelope,” said Julia.

“Make that three,” chirped Lucinda, who seemed unable to take her eyes off Penelope’s pretty panties under her skirt. “And a bottle of the finest champagne.”

Penelope carried the pitchers into the expansive living room while Brenda and Anabelle were coming down from Brenda’s bedroom upstairs. 

Following Brenda’s instructions earlier, Penelope had donned the black babydoll lingerie dress and matching backless panties Brenda had picked out for her. It was a hip-length dress, translucent below the bosom, with fur trimming along its hem. Brenda mentioned that the provocative quality of the outfit was essential for what she had planned for tonight.

Once everyone had converged, Penelope set off about the living room, a pitcher of martini in one hand and two empty flutes in the other, some soft music playing from the stereo system. Lucinda was perched on the armrest when Penelope carried the pitcher over to her side. Penelope hadn’t finished pouring Lucinda’s drink yet when she felt Lucinda caress her ass cheek before landing a stinging slap on the spot.

Lucinda giggled. “Your cheeks are just the softest thing, Pen.”

“Ow! Hey!” Penelope whined, nearly spilling Lucinda’s drink. “Here,” she offered, blushing, and moved on to Julia, who had nestled herself against Lucinda’s side. “Here you go, Julia.”

“Thank you, Pen,” Julia collected her flute with a mischievous smile before sending Penelope off with a raunchy slide of her fingers between the sissy’s ass cheeks. She nudged the plug that rested inside her sissy pussy before giving her another smack and sending her off with a low laugh.

When it came time for Anabelle and Brenda to be served their drinks, Anabelle slipped one hand under Penelope’s dress and stroked her clittie through the thin satin of her panties. Brenda raised one hand, indicating she didn’t want to be served. Penelope set the pitcher down on the small centerpiece table and stood in one corner, her clittie subtly dripping and soaking up her panties in the process.

“Girls,” said Brenda, standing to her feet as she started to address the room, “thank you all for coming. Now, everyone knows why we’re here, right? Everyone except Pen, of course.”

That provoked two, then three giggles.

Penelope swallowed the lump in her throat upon hearing her name, her heart thumping loudly against her ribcage. When she raised her head to look round the room, she found that they were all looking back at her, even Brenda as well, their roguish smiles telling of some wicked jest that Penelope somehow knew she would be the center of.

OhPenelope,” Brenda called in a singsong voice.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Come here.”

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Aunt Brenda


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