Brenda Discovers Eric’s Diaper Secret! (Part 2)
January 21, 2023
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Sissy Penelope Serves the Best Way She Can! (Part 1)
January 28, 2023



Mommy has noticed that baby gets excited every time their diaper gets warm and squishy.  And mommy knows a way baby can use that squishy diaper to help with taking care of that excitement.  Something to do, instead of wiggling and humping against your wet diaper, or rubbing your hard peepee through your diaper.

You open your soggy diaper, take it off and then wrap it around your throbbing peepee.  Dirty side down, pressed against your twitching cock.  Feels so good that soon your hips are thrusting and your sliding your hand and diaper up and down the length of your swollen dripping peepee faster.

Mommy just loves to hear the pants and grunts that escape your parted lips as you get closer to cumming all over for mommy.  Watching as pre-cum dribbles from the slit onto your hand and diaper.  Making that dick glisten and shine.  Show mommy how good that squishy diaper feels.

The best part of the show is when you explode for mommy.  Shooting hot sticky cum everywhere.  Mommy licks her lips at just the thought of it.  Thinking about that yummy cum makes mommy’s mouth water.  That’s mommy’s favorite.  There’s nothing better than a big load of creamy stickies.

That diaper feels fantastic wrapped around your peepee.  A wet squishy diaper is the next best thing to being in a warm wet pussy.  And your diaper is always there for you to use.  No matter when, no matter where, anytime you feel excited you can get off using your own diaper.

And for those special times, when you’re a good boy and mommy feels the desire, mommy will help you orgasm.  Mommy will stroke your cock with your soiled diaper, mommy will even put her mouth around the head and lick and suck.

If you beg mommy, mommy might even let you cum in mommy’s mouth.  Mommy does like the taste of jizz, and mommy does like to suck cock, so all you have to do is ask nicely.  And mommy might, maybe.  If you’re lucky anyway.  Depends on mommy’s mood.

Just imagine how good it will feel, having your wet diaper wrapped around your peepee, sliding it up and down, and then mommy’s warm wet mouth around the tip of your dick.  Mommy knows it won’t take long for you to explode.  Mommy knows your balls are tightening and you’re about to squirt.

Now be a good boy and cum for mommy.  Drain those balls of every drop of semen.  Show mommy what a good boy you are.  Mommy loves when you cum hard for mommy.  And mommy loves it even more when you lose all control.  When you can’t help yourself.

So, be a really good boy and get your diaper ready, make sure it’s nice and full and squishy.  Now pick up the phone and call Mommy Candy.  Mommy wants to hear you use your diaper to jerk your cock.  Mommy wants to hear your moans and grunts as you cum.

Mommy Candy



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