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December 5, 2022
Show Mommy That Diaper
December 18, 2022




Someone Is In The Christmas Spirit: Mommy just loves to see her diapered little ones get excited for Christmas. And you look so cute decorated in sparkling lights. Twinkle, twinkle, tinkle, tinkle. Silly adult baby, all aglow and squishy in your wet diaper. Makes mommy smile to hear you giggle and see you playing around the tree.

No better way to get into the holiday spirit than to get lit up like the Christmas tree.  Mommy’s festive adult baby diaper lover And this year your niceness outweighs any naughtiness, so that means Santa will be bringing you lots of presents and good cheer.

Toys, pacifiers, cute clothes, and lots of diapers are some of the things Santa will be dropping off this year. When you wake up on Christmas morning, all the beautifully wrapped presents will be waiting for you under the tree. Mommy will watch as you squeal and tear open gift after gift, oohing and aahing over each one.

Santa must have thought you were particularly good this year because he lavished you with gifts. And you’re such a good little one, showing Mommy and sharing with Mommy also. We will have so much fun playing with everything. And you will have tons of new stuff for your nursery.

And you can never have too many diapers; Santa must have realized what a stinky butt baby you can be at times because he brought you an abundance of diapers. All sorts of cute designs and thicknesses are Perfect for every occasion. Mommy knows how much you love your diapers.

The next time you have a play date, your friends will see all the cool stuff Santa brought you for being such a good boy. I bet this year you all will be extra good, in hopes of Santa bringing everyone lots of festive gifts. Abies want diapers, not coal. So make sure you behave throughout the year because Santa is always watching.

Remember, he knows when you’ve been good or bad. And of course, mommy knows Santa personally, so you have to be good for mommy also. Red is the color of Christmas, but it can also be the color of your little backside if you misbehave. No one wants a spanking for Christmas, or do they?

At least with a spanking, your bottom will be warm on a cold winter day. And so will mommy’s hand.

Do you know what you want for Christmas this year? Have you written your letter to Santa yet? Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Give Mommy Candy a call and tell me your Christmas wishes; mommy and Santa are good acquaintances, and mommy can put in a good word for you. You can call me Mommy Christmas Candy. Mommy is silly, too. Must be something in the cool crisp air.

This time of year, mommy enjoys all the snuggles. They keep mommy warm on a cold winter day. So, climb up onto mommy’s lap and give mommy lots of kisses and cuddles. Click Here

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