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August 30, 2020
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Adult babies and diaper lovers get up to naughty things sometimes, for sure, and need to be punished for what they get up to. Talking over the phone to my charges makes it rather difficult to personally apply the necessary discipline that they need, though, so some guided instructions are required in these situations. Getting self-spanked can be an effective encouragement to behave and is cathartic for some. Bare-handed doesn’t work all that well, long paddles, crops, and especially leather belts are perfect for this, you really need something with some length to it. Wooden spoons work as well, but they aren’t my favorite, that spot will always be the leather belt. The range of force you can apply behind it is greater and the sting of it is always a good thing when getting punished. So, be honest… is it your time to be spanked? Call me for the discipline phone sex that you deserve.

Aunt Brenda


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