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Amanda Gives Her Sub A Pissy Drink From Her Pussy
July 10, 2022
Cum For Me!
July 17, 2022


Wanna Play Dress Up?: I just love dressing up in cute little outfits over my diaper. And it’s always more fun to play with others. Would you like to come over so we can play dress up? I can make you look sexy and cute all at the same time.

Mommy won’t mind. She loves checking up on us while we play and seeing us in different variations of undress. I know it gets mommy excited to watch because she will usually come in with one of her special toys and use it on me and my friends.

I promise you will love to play with me and Mommy. And when Mommy is busy, then we will get naughty and make each other moan and squirt. Once you’re all dressed up, I’ll bend you over and show you just how naughty I can get.

I will make you cry, laugh, moan, whimper, and cum over and over. And when mommy plays with us, she will have us begging for more and more. Mommy likes to make sure that we are completely exhausted by the time she’s done with us.

And that’s not all; we also get to please and take care of mommy and her needs as well. We will get on our hands and knees and crawl over to mommy with our diapered butts in the air. Then mommy will spread her legs, and we will dive in head first. We will lick mommy’s pussycat and ass, getting her nice and wet.

Then mommy will make us kiss each other deeply, taking turns sucking on one another’s tongues. Before tongue-fucking mommy’s holes. Mommy tastes so good, and she knows it. Soon, mommy will be squirting pussyjuice all over both of us.

After we are bathed in mommy’s chow, we turn to each other and start rubbing our bodies together. Covering ourselves in mommy’s sweet nectar.  Soon we will strip those cute little outfits off so we can writhe naked and cover the rest of our bodies with cummies.

Yours, mine, and mommy’s cum A cocktail of juices for us to enjoy. I would love to swim in our cummies all day. Nice and sticky mess to play in. And to think it all started with us playing dress up. And now we are butt naked and covered in cum.

So, don’t be shy; come play with me, and let’s have all sorts of naughty fun. I can’t wait to strip you of all your clothes, lay you down, and put you in a soft, thick diaper. Then we can look through my closet and drawers and find some special clothes for us to play in.

I think I have the perfect one picked out already for you. And I think you will love it. And you get to dress me up any way you want, too. We will have so much fun with so many fetishes to choose from.

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