Mommy Loves All Fetish Play
July 9, 2022
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Amanda’s Diaper Lover Devon Is Incest Obsessed
July 10, 2022



You Belong To Mommy Now: Your diaper fetish will make you mine. Your desire to be diapered and babied will lead you to my nursery and straight into my arms. Mommy will strip you naked and get you into a cute little diaper. And then the real fun starts.

Through ageplay, you will become my little diapered baby to do with as I please. And mommy will make sure you enjoy every bit of it. Even the diaper humiliation part of it. You will look so cute in your diapers; mommy will have to show you off, of course.

And mommy knows how much you love being a diapered baby and how excited you get in your diapers. So, mommy will allow you to play with mommy’s permission. And definitely no cuddling in your diaper unless mommy says so.

And if mommy catches you playing and making stickies without permission, then mommy will have to punish you. Mommy will make you bend over and grab your ankles, and then she will walk slowly around you. Sliding my hand over your diapered backside, I rubbed and squeezed your diaper.

Mommy will tell you to spread your legs slightly, still holding onto your ankles. You will feel mommy slide her hand between your thighs and cup your diapered crotch.  Then mommy will quickly jerk your diaper down under your butt cheeks and smack your bottom, one cheek then the other.

Soon after two bright red handprints form on your backside, and before you have a chance to react, mommy slides a big, fat cock in between your cheeks and inside you. Mommy starts fucking you hard and fast with her strap-on. With each thrust, you squirm and squeal.

You wanted to be sneaky and play and cum without permission, but now mommy will make sure you fill that diaper with your sticky, creamy cum. And you will have to wear that squishy diaper all the rest of the day. Every time you move, you will remember the fucking you got from mommy earlier.

When you’re a good baby, mommy will let you use your toys to rub yourself to orgasm, and when you’re naughty, mommy will have her way with you however she pleases. Anytime she wants, anywhere. Now get on your knees and crawl to mommy.

Once you get to mommy, she opens her legs and tells you to lick her wet pussy clean. And when you’re done making mommy squirt, mommy will pull you into her lap and kiss your sticky little face. Now it’s time to relax. Mommy rubs her hard nipple over your wet lips for you to latch on to.

As you nurse from mommy, her warm, sweet milk filling your mouth and sliding down your throat, mommy will rock you gently in her arms until you fall asleep. Then mommy will lay you in your crib and tuck your blankie around you.

Mommy leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead, telling you to sleep well, little one, and have sweet dreams, baby.

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