You Belong To Mommy Now
July 10, 2022
riding his face with my cunt
Amanda Gives Her Sub A Pissy Drink From Her Pussy
July 10, 2022

squeezing the sheets as he cums

Amanda’s Diaper Lover Devon Is Incest Obsessed: My diaper lover, Devon, is so obsessed with incest that he cannot get out of bed to start his day unless he calls me on the phone as soon as he wakes up in order for us to have incest phone sex; this is the type of mommy roleplay that really gets his cocky rocking. He so needs to be the naughty son that stays home with mama while dad goes off to work, only to have me come to his room and he pretends to be sick, so he can ask me to make it all better again.

Whenever I hear Devon whine and pretend to cry, I usually know what is coming next, and it is a complaint that his body hurts, but not his entire body but his cock, specifically. I would then pretend to be so concerned that his cock hurts, and I would then ask him if there is anything that I could do to make him feel all better again. He would tell me to touch it, rub it, and massage the balls ever so slightly, and that is exactly what I would do.

The way that he would moan would be a guide for me to follow his lead and continue to make him feel good, and then once his cock becomes as hard as a rock, that is when I would tell him that it is leaking so much penis juice that if I don’t suck out all of the sweet juices that he has come out of him, he would surely explode.

The permission would be granted as I wouldn’t want to overstep my boundaries as his mom, and that is when he would give me the green light to place my sweet and soft lips on his cock while one of my hands remained on his saggy balls, and then ‘I would totally devour his masculine and creamy milk and suck him totally dry. He would violently hump his tight hips and toss his head back and forth in the air while the eyes in his head rolled back, and the squinting that he would do would rival one in the sun looking for a vision to see.

As he was pleased, he would scream my name and grab the back of my head in order to push my beautiful face full into his cock, and I would love every single minute of it; these are the very special and sweet moments that I would relish. I would think to myself, “If only his dorky dad could see me now as I suck his son’s cock as if there was no tomorrow, he would surely divorce me,” and that is a fact. But the way that I am making Devon feel makes me know that it is totally worth it. I will make sure that all of my orifices are available for Devon to explore, fuck, and suck whenever he wants to enjoy them as long as Devon is hot and horny and wants to fuck his mommy. Click Here



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