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March 13, 2022
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March 13, 2022

Diaper Girl Hot Look

Brenda’s Diaper Lover Farrah Loves ABDL Stories: Farrah has a diaper fetish that is specific and different from any other abdl that I have played with. She enjoys me telling her ABC stories over and over again so she can take her fingers and place them on her very pretty pussy so she can cum.

She is unsure how all of this fetish stuff started, but she has been doing it since she was in high school, when some friends of hers told her to wear diapers, and she did it as a dare.

After all of her friends went home, she realized how soft and comfy her diaper felt, and she vowed to herself that she would remain in her diapers for the rest of her life. She would purchase them with a home delivery grocery service, as she thought to herself that she would be horrified if someone, especially her girlfriends, were to catch her in a store having a cashier ring up a package of diapers from her shopping cart.

She loves to wear pretty diapers in all colors, and depending on her mood, she will decide what color the diaper should be for the day and also for the night. She told me that once she puts on the diapers, all of her worries and problems simply vanish, and that is quite evident based on her face with the happy smiles.

She wants me to love her and take care of her forever because, in my presence, she is so calm, at peace, and content. When she peed in her diapers, she would put her head down and sulk; her eyes would be the saddest that you have ever seen, and she would pretend to be so humiliated and embarrassed, and that is when I would change her and put her in a fresh diaper.

If only she could go back in time, that is what she always tends to say because she feels that she was so much happier then, and when she role-plays with me, she is able to enjoy a little bit of that happiness that she had when she was younger all over again.

To have a diaper fetish is to take control of your life and tell yourself that no matter what mainstream society thinks about diaper-wearing adult babies, it really does not matter. What others think about you or gossip about you is none of your business; all that matters is that you are doing something that you enjoy, that you are not hurting anyone, and that you are a consenting adult.

Are you an adult baby diaper lover and want to find out what it is like to roleplay with me, Brenda? Well, give me a call as soon as possible and let us explore all of the amazing possibilities together. All you have to do is find a private place to talk, call and ask for Aunt Brenda, and just relax and get ready to have the time of your life. It is that easy, so call me now. Click Here



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