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Aunt Brenda Knows Best
March 14, 2021
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March 15, 2021

diaper dominationLots of abdl babies call and ask for Dommy Mommy Scarlet because they know as their dominant, they need to follow where I lead them.  There is usually a twinge of nervousness with many, but never with all.  One thing that is a constant is the need to be punished and disciplined by a majority of my abdl babies who call for a mix of pain and pleasure all commingled in the realm of abdl sex.

At times the topic of conversation will be based on incest chat in which I exert my role as a dommy mommy and I will discipline my little in multiple ways. The importance of submitting to me sexually as the mommy of my abdls enforces loyalty, closeness and commitment all at the same time.

Many like the mental torture of being belittled, humiliated and insulted as it recharges their cocks and pussies.  It is irrelevant what main stream society thinks about it because when adult baby diaper lovers call to speak to me, their voids are instantly filled.  Treating my littles that are naughty with a stern hand is what I consider as the right dose of medicine that they need to go about their regular lives. Spankings are a necessity and usually it is to make sure that even if I am not aware of the mischievous shit that my littles got into  – they thought about it and that is the same as doing it.

And when you are a submissive that knows the importance of financial domination, you acknowledge yourself as my pay pig.  You will come home from work where you slaved like a beast all week and you will call and provide me with a variety of cash incentives in the form of generous tips and paying for a minimum of 60 minute phone calls.  You don’t need your money because you think you have earned it – it does not belong to you, it belongs to me and I will tell you how to spend it and it will be spent on me.  I am your mistress and you will do as I tell you and consistently follow my lead with no reservations, or hesitations.

And there will be times in which I will dress you up in your diaper in front of a crowd and they will see all of your private parts exposed and when I desire it, I will stick a dildo in your ass and subject you to diaper bondage.  You will have to go about your day fully cognizant that there is an artificial dick stuck in your ass.  Showing me that you are uncomfortable won’t change anything as your facial expressions don’t move my emotions to feel sorry for you.  Your best bet is to close your eyes, trust and I will lead you blindly in the dark and you will take my hand and follow.

As you read this, and you are a slave, you know what you need to do.  You need to be owned by me, Mistress/Dommy Mommy Scarlet – so you will hesitate no further, you will gather yourself together and get ready to call me so we can begin this lifelong journey that you know you belong on.  Let’s ride! Call me now – I demand that you do it, now!



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