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March 15, 2021
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March 18, 2021

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My stepson wanted to feel young again because he said that it was a long time since I played with him and he feels that we have somehow distanced ourselves from each other.

I told him that in life with business, family responsibilities and other things it is something that can happen to the best of us.  He thought that it would be fun if we did something that was totally not the norm for us and he said that we should play a game of hide and seek.

I laughed because it was a long time ago that I played this game with him as he was so young at the time and now that he was 20 years old, I thought that it was a great idea and that it could bring back a lot of fun memories.

But, I had a special twist for him on this game and I was going to make it a surprise. I decide to be the one to hide and for him to be the one to locate me so as he started to count for the game, I raced to a hiding spot in my house in my closet and I took all of my clothes off so when he found me he would have the shock of his life.

I waited so fervently and I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs and he pushed open my bedroom door and it made that squeaky sound that it always made and in he came.  He was now in my bedroom and I noticed that he took his time to look through my dresser drawer to see my panties and bras and he smelled them. Not only did he smell them, but there was a hamper with my dirty panties in it he took a panty that had so much dried cum inside of it and he started licking the crotch of my dirty panty.

I noticed that she more he licked and smelled the crotch of my panty his erection grew larger. His cock was massive and in an instant he remembered the game that we were playing and he returned the dirty panty to the hamper and resumed looking for me. It took him about 30 seconds to find me after that. He opened the closet door and saw me naked and he gasped on utter shock.

I pulled down his sweatpants immediately, got up on my knees and I started sucking my stepson’s cock voraciously!  His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he started pumping his hips back and forth fucking my face with his healthy cock. He reached his hands down to touch my tits as they were smashing his thighs back and forth as he fucked my face with every thrust and my nipples became rock hard between his fingers.

I gagged on his cock because it was so meaty and delicious and when he came he dumped what felt like a cup load of hot cum down my throat. After he came guilt filled him and he felt so bad and I consoled him and told him that it is okay,  I also mentioned to him that this is going to be the beginning of a fun new relationship with each other and we should continue to play.

He agreed and as the weeks went by, we engaged in hot and sexy incest chat, had raunchy abdl sex and he does not know it as yet – but when he comes home later I plan to take the abdl sex that we started having to the bdsm side and have him try out diaper bondage. I am so very excited and I cannot wait to continue this fun and exciting journey with my sexy stepson.



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