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January 2, 2023
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January 8, 2023




That tiny little peepee is just the right size for a baby puddle. Fits perfectly into a diaper, so all mommy has to do is powder you and then make sure that diaper is nice and snug on baby. Once you’re all diapered up in a clean, soft diaper, all you have to do then is fill it up.

That little peepee isn’t good for anything else but filling up a pamper. Making pissy little messes is all it will ever be able to do. A warm, squishy diaper will be the closest you will ever be to a warm, wet pussycat. That teeny, tiny little peephole could never satisfy a woman, much less penetrate one.

And that is a pathetic penis you have between your thighs. It’s almost like a turtle trying to hide in its shell. So little that you have to sit to pee anyway. so you might as well be in a diaper. A baby peepee in a baby diaper Both adorable and pitiful at the same time.

It’s not even as big as a pacifier; who would even want to suck on it, nonetheless, fuck it? No one, that peepee is for diapering and making fun of, not for any kind of sexual pleasure. That’s a peepee only a mommy could love. Not made for a woman.

The only thing that tiny little peepee is good for is making a peepee. It is definitely not man size, which is another good reason for you to be diapered like a baby. You belong in diapers, and mommy knows best. No matter what, others are going to point and laugh at you. They are going to whisper about you and make fun of you.

You will be ridiculed by everyone, the center of attention in a droopy, pee-filled diaper. Mommy’s little diaper boy And mommy will show you off for all to see. The adult baby is wearing a diaper over his baby peepee. A peepee that leaks and drips all the time, squirting pee into that diaper constantly.

A pissy-pampering small-dick adult baby, who has plenty of room inside that diaper regardless of the pee and peepeei inside it. The only diaper bulge you will have is when your diaper is full of pee and mommy pokes and squeezes it, rubbing you through your diaper.

Mommy just loves when you use your diaper, filling it up nice and full. A heavy, soggy diaper that mommy can squeeze as you waddle by. And then mommy will lay you down and change your wet diaper, cleaning you up before powdering you and diapering you in a fresh new diaper.

And mommy knows that peepee drips and oozes non-stop in that diaper, too. The feel of your diaper makes your little peepee throb and twitch, making you excited. Mommy told you that a diaper would be the closest you would ever get to a woman’s moist pussy.

That’s when that active imagination comes in handy; you can pretend you are fucking a girl when you hump against your piss-filled diaper.



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