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July 31, 2022
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August 7, 2022
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Brenda Beats Brad’s Bottom

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bdsm sexBrenda Beats Brad’s Bottom: Brian loves to be difficult and not follow the rules. If you tell him to jump, instead of asking how high, he will just decide to walk or sit down. He is a rebellious abdl who likes to disregard authority and do his own thing, and I know that his underlying agenda is to have his bottom beaten.

He always puts a little smirk on his face when he gets into trouble because he knows what is coming next. As I sit at the end of the couch and place my knees together, I ushered him to bend over my knees, and I take my bare hands and beat his bottom over and over again.

He pressed his penis against my thighs, and I felt his little noodle get hard as it was pressed against my thighs. I was determined to make his bottom sore, so every spanking that I did to his bottom was more intense than the last.

There came a point in the punishment where he started to moan and groan, and I told him to curb his election and not cum, which he did anyway.

I immediately removed him from my legs and made him face me. I told him to explain what was on my thighs, and he cocked his head and looked down in shame. He admitted that he came when he was told not to, and then I asked him what he thought should be done about it, and he told me that he did not know.

I told him that the best thing to do was to make sure that my thighs were cleaned, and as he attempted to go to the kitchen to retrieve some tissues, I stopped him. I told him that he would be cleaning off the cum from my thighs with his tongue.

He turned red in both embarrassment and shock, and then he opened his mouth, and for what appeared to be the first time in his life, he ate his own cum and immediately said, “Yuck.”

I told him that trillions of people around the world suck, lick, and swallow each other’s pussy and dick juices, so he needs to do the same for his own and learn to like it.

He told me that it tasted so bad, and I told him that is why he will be expected to cum on everything that he will be eating for the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—including cumming in his water bottles that he uses to drink from every single day.

He was hesitant, but I had him do this addition of cumin to his food and drinks for several weeks, and then he was so used to it at that point that he actually learned the acquired taste and adjusted to liking it.

He became much more experienced, and this knowledge of him finally liking his own diapers is what made a major difference in his life and made him a very happy adult baby diaper lover. Click Here



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