ABDL wearing Baby Dress with diaper
Happy Baby Through Forced Age Regression!
August 1, 2021
An Adult Men Urine Passed On The Diaper With Also Doing Masturbate
Diaper Sex Rex Sent Step-Mommy Tawny A Text For Phone Sex
August 2, 2021

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Bellies were stuff and belts were loosened after everyone ate to their hearts delight at the family dinner. Hubby and his two college-aged step children were so relaxed that I decided that the night should not end just because the food ended.  I decided to make everyone comfortable so we could engage in some good old fashioned family sex.  I had gotten everyone comfortable and most were buzzed and this was my opportunity to make my move.  I put on some mom porn on the big screen television and no one paid attention, that was when I put on some mom son porn instead.

That was when I took off everything that I was wearing and stood there in front of my hubby and his two sons fully naked.  They rubbed their eyes to make sure that they were seeing correctly and then they realized that I was naked.  I walked over to my hubby and undressed him first, he was trying to stop me from taking his clothes off but because I was naked and he was buzzed he allowed it to happen. In front of his two sons, I got their father naked and I laid him on the couch and I crawled on top of his face and told him to eat my pussy.

I told him to take his time and circle my inner rosebud lips and he did. I told him that is felt good but he needed to do better than that. He nodded then proceeded to lick my perineum in soft and gentle circles and he did.  I told his sons who were watching the entire time to join us.  They had on clothes and I told them to take them off and that was when they did.  It was such a beautiful sight to have my cunt in hubby’s mouth while his sons were now going to join the party.  I grabbed cock number one from one of the sons and cock number two from the other; I had a cock in each hand. I had two cocks to jerk off and they were enjoying my soft and warm hands jerking them while my pussy was being eaten.

I wanted it to go even further, I wanted something more incestuous and that was when I made the brothers take turn sucking each other’s cocks.  I loved watching two beautiful cocks that belonged to brothers get sucked off by each other.  Healthy, college aged cocks that were robust, lean and well-endowed. Then the thought came into my head to have the brothers fuck each other and that is what they did. Two young bodies with beautiful cocks, taking turns going in and out of each other’s assholes.  Fucking each other for my pleasure, entertainment and fun was what I enjoyed and I loved every second of it. I saw the brother’s creampie each other and I had them suck it out of each other’s asshole and afterwards I fucked them both in front of their father and when they both came in me, I had their dad cuck out their cum.



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