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February 23, 2021
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Roleplay Phone Sex Is Always The Sexiest Fun

There are no words to describe how wonderful it is to be an abdl step mommy and to be able to be open and free to explore any and everything that comes to my mind.  It runs the gamut with what sexy thoughts come to mind that I can explore with my abdl babies and I never ever keep us confined to a box, as everything sexy and hot is always on the table to be explored. It does indeed take a very special kind of mind to be open, creative and free to explore all of the fantasies and fetishes possible without any reservations.  I really look forward to when I speak with an adult baby diaper lover and we engage in that delves deep into the realms of erotic fantasy play. Too often […]
January 31, 2021
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Mommy’s Cunt Is The Only Cunt That You Will Ever Want

I love being a hot MILF to my abdl son. He needs me as his abdl mommy because I tease him so much. I love having fun with him in my own special way.  As we sit here lounging on the deck in my backyard, I purposely wore a see-through tank top and a short skirt and I will bend over so he could have a peek of my sweet goodness underneath.  I see his eyes strain to look up under my skirt and I slowly stand up straight so that his view was limited. I hear him as he mumbles little expletives under his breath and I pretend not to notice.  He wants me so baldly that is hurts.  I offer him some lemonade to drink and I purposely spilled some of it on […]
January 11, 2021
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Let Stepmommy Tawny Take Care Of Your Cock

My stepson Pat was not aware that I placed a mini surveillance camera in his room disguised as an alarm clock so I could do some mommy incest spying on him when he masturbated in his room.  I have heard him night after night jerking off from me and his dad’s room next door and I was determined to find out what he was doing.  I ordered the mini camera online and I was so happy that I was able to stream the footage directly through my cell phone. So when he decided to take a shower that was my opportunity to place the camera in his room and I went to my room and patiently waited as I watched for footage.  I saw when he entered his room after his shower and he proceeded […]
January 2, 2021
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When littles ones get naughty

    Oh oh! Someone had a scary dream…aww poor baby. Mommy will be nice and let you crawl into bed with your little “brother”, now be a good girl and try not to wake him.  Mommy tucks you in and kisses both of your foreheads…Goodnight little ones. Mommy leaves the door ajar and the hallway night light on.  Sweet dreams sweet adult babies. Soon mommy hears whispers and covered moans coming from the room….hmmm what are these little ones up to now?  Mommy creeps down the hallway, stopping just outside the open door.  A peek inside shows mommy just what she thought! Mommy steps inside, pushing the door open more as she watches the fun.  Mmmmm someone is getting a good stretching.  Soon the muffled whimpers become louder, turning into gasps and groans of […]
November 22, 2020
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Breath Play with Dommy Mommy Scarlet and Son

Today my abdl baby boy is going to experience for the very first time, Mommy and Son Breath Play.  He has heard me talk about it time and time again as something that I thoroughly enjoy with my other sexual partners and he expressed to me that he is very interested in trying it out. I advised him that it is best that this be dine with me and he should never try this by himself for safety purposes. This type of kink is very dangerous so Dommy Mommy Scarlet made sure to ensure that all of the proper precautionary measures were taken into consideration, including a “safe word” which in this case will be my adult baby snapping his thumb and pointy fingers on his right hand twice in the event that he would […]
April 13, 2020
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Dirty Diaper Danny

Dirty Diaper Danny likes to remain wetThe pissier his diapee becomes the happier he getsMy abdl baby pisses in the diapee in the morning and the nightAnd Dommy Mommy won’t change Danny until the time is rightI know that my diaper lover likes to feel the hot piss on his ballsAnd also all around his penis that is just so smallIt makes him feel so good to be so soggy and so dampAnd Mommy likes to add to that, a pair of nipple clampsDirty Diaper Danny also loves to feel the painWhen Mommy puts the clamps on him, I see that his eyes strainI twist them some and Danny gets excited as can beI peek inside his diapee and what do you think I see?A little pee pee sticking up like a little rockSo cute […]
August 19, 2018

Mommy’s Panties

Do you have ABDL Stacey of seeing her sexy panties or even better a pair of thongs? I bet you fantasize about accidentally seeing mommy in that thong. Turning away embarrassed to only look back turning you on wondering does mommy know I see her? Silly boys, mommy knows everything! Mommy was ultra conservative but wore very sexy lingerie underneath her clothes which you would wear unknown to her. You came to enjoy her scent of her panties, pantyhose and bra. Your first MIL that drove your fantasies when you were in school, she would walk around in a muscle shirt with no bra and her nylon sheer panties. You knew she was aware that you would wear, smell and then jack off on those panties. Why do you think she would leave her phone […]
May 14, 2017
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Lovely Abdl Mommy Phone Sex

Come here and sit on your abdl mommys lap I am wearing a nice tight white dress with a beautiful  white lacy bra and some nice panties Which I know you want mommy to place my panties in your mouth don’t you slide down mommys dress and watch as mommy takes her breast right out of my bra and slip my nipples right into your mouth and watch as you suckle really well on my breast as I take my fingertips and slowly run them up and down on your back!  Then take my other hand and pat the back of your  adult diaper.  Don’t you dare fall asleep now or mommy will put you in your bed and you do not get to make cummies! Understand me sweety pie? Ood now mommy is going […]
April 10, 2017
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Sissy Baby Phone Sex!

Well don’t we just look at you dressed up in your pretty dress and poofy petticoat and double Adult diapers! Are you ready for our special shopping trip? I wanna take you to the mall and let everyone see how much of a sissy you are! And when all of the pretty girl watch as you try on different dresses and giggle and laugh at you after you come out of the dressing room each time!  One of the girl takes her phone out and starts to take pictures of you because of how silly you look and how humiliated you must be by being forced to dress like that! Little does she know that you wanna dress like this to please mommy don’t you? Oh I know you do , To see how hard […]