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March 14, 2021
Adult Teen Girl wearing the white baby diaper

Aunt Brenda Knows Best

When you first called me up you were so nervous, paranoid and scared.  You said that you pondered about this for hours and you were not sure what you should do.  You had these desires and fantasies on the inside that you wanted to bring to the surface to explore and you tried to work up your nerves several times in the past and you would give up. Whether it was fear of the unknown or something else, you just knew that this part of you needed to be nurtured.  You have always been a ddlg ever since you were younger but you always felt that back then that served it purpose and now you wanted to be an abdl baby who played with an aunt.  It was at that moment that you worked up […]
March 11, 2021
A Female Showing Her Pussy with The Panties

Daddy’s Good Girl

    Daddy came home early to find his little princess busy in the kitchen making him a snack.  Such a good girl for daddy.  Daddy smiled and walked up behind you, pressing his hardening cock to your cute little bottom.  Daddy could feel your ABDL diaper through your panties.  Mmmm someone feels a little squishy. Daddy steps away and reaches between your thighs to squeeze your wet diaper, pushing against your aroused little cunt.  As a moan escapes your parted lips, daddy lets go and steps away.  With a whimper, you turn and look at daddy with beseeching eyes.  Please daddy… Oh?  Please daddy, what?  Hmmm tell daddy what his little ddlg needs… Daddy stands there with his arms crossed looking at you, waiting.  You slowly drop to your knees and crawl to daddy […]
January 15, 2021
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Daddy’s Bad Little Girl

    Daddy decided to run out real quick to the corner store, when daddy left he specifically told his little girl to be a good girl until daddy got back.  And you know that old saying…”when the cat’s away the mice will play” and in this case while daddy was away baby girl decided to be naughty. Now as all DDLG babies know, what daddy says goes and if you disobey daddy, then be prepared for the consequences.  So in that short space of time, daddy’s naughty little girl pulled her panties off and was fingers deep in that sweet little pussy when daddy walked through the front door. Daddy stood in the doorway for a few seconds watching as your fingers rubbed your clitty and your mouth opened in a soft moan.  Daddy […]
September 26, 2020
Father putting Diaper On his small boy

Diaper Changing Stepmom Teaches Daddy About ABDLs

I will never forget the first time I met your daddy. He was so handsome and suave, he just swept me right off of my feet and caught me completely off guard the moment he opened his mouth to speak to me. It was really something, that feeling of excitement and even anxiety knowing that you just so happened to have gotten lucky enough to stumble upon someone that you instantly realize that you want to get to know. We had plenty of fun going out on dates, and he wasted no time telling me about you! He lights up with a huge smile whenever he talks about you, and I knew that you meant the world to him. I was so excited to get the chance to meet you. He invited me over for […]
December 12, 2019
abdl abdl play time adult baby

Fun in the Snow for an Abdl!

It’s snowing outside! Do you want Mommy to get you all dressed and ready in your winter clothes so you can play in the snow? It’s the perfect weather for a silly abdl like you to make a snow angel.  Let’s check that diaper first to make sure you don’t go out in the cold air with a wet diaper, that wouldn’t be good at all. That dry abdl diaper is going to be one more layer against the cold and any little accidents you may have while you’re out there having fun! We’ll make snow angels, and a snow fort, and snowballs that I will aim at your diapered bottom every chance that I get. By the time I have to make you go inside your cheeks will be red and blushing while that […]
November 17, 2019
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ABDL Mommy AND Daddy?!

More often than not, I see these amazing adult baby mommies doing everything that they possibly can to make sure that their little sweeties are properly taken care of. Once in a while you might see an ABDL Daddy who knows what to do, but it is a rare occurrence! What I think would be just fabulous is if I could find a proper Daddy to teach how these diaper sissies need to be cared for! Imagine just how much fun it would be for me and for my babies if we had a strong, handsome Daddy around to help me get things done! Of course, getting him properly taught how to care for these precocious littles will take some time, but I am patient and the thought of getting to share my knowledge of […]