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August 14, 2017

Naked You Stand Before Her Phone Sex Part 5

Join me. Be my  Adult baby and you’ll never be frightened again. Let me you be your Abdl Mommy.. Take my hand and everything you dreamt of will be yours. Trust me.You hesitate. Fearful of your desires.’Have I let you down so far in your dreams?’ she asked quietly.You shake your head dreamily. Besides,’ she adds, almost as an afterthought. ‘I thought you wanted a Mommy. To be mothered. To be MY baby.’ Be my baby. The three words ring inside your head. Be my baby. You hold out your hand and raise a quivering toe. You step into the outstretched plastic panties . With a screech of terrible laughter she grabs your wrist, her sharp manicured nails biting into your flesh.’They all fall for it,’ she cries triumphantly. ‘All the men and women. Irrespective […]
August 12, 2017
Hand of woman giving adult diaper and change wet diaper

Naked, You Stand Before Her Phone Sex Part 1

‘Come to your abdl mommy ,’ she said. ‘You called me and here I am. Take this step, why don’t you?’ She held out a pair of pretty white shoes towards you. ‘These belong to you.’You stare back, unable to tear your gaze away from her warm, motherly face. Two eyebrows plucked to feminine arches; two bright brown eyes  that will put you in a hypnotic stare.’One tiny step,’ she says softy, and waves her hand forward at me . ‘Take my hand.’ You stare down at her long slender fingers and brightly painted nails. She waves the shoes ceremoniously like a flag in a gentle breeze. Their look  takes your breath away. With a high waist to hug your Adult baby hips and row upon row of lace topped with delicate silk bows to […]
May 8, 2017
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Naughty Time With My Adult Baby

What Is my favorite part of the day you ask? Well I love after a long day of spoiling my sweet girl Abdl mommy gets to have her fun with her sweet Adult baby!  What kind of fun you ask? Well First i am going to go run us bath with some bubbles and I will make sure to turn on the jets this time! Once we get into the tub I take and run my fingertips right down to you clitty and start rubbing nice and soft really feeling around on you then I take your head and place your mouth around my nipples and watch as you start to nurse you love sucking on your Abdl mommy’s huge breasts don’t you? Look at that smile I take and slowly move my hands down […]
February 7, 2017
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Daddy and Mommy’s Adult Baby Girl! Part 1

Today my Abdl Daddy is taking me shopping for some new pretty dresses! He always knows what to pick out for me to look just like his beautiful princess! I love how he parades me around in my pretty dresses and my pretty pink plastic panties! And Sometimes he spoils me and we have some Naughty time and I give daddies huge cock kisses and I suck on it like a lolly pop! Hehehe, Daddy always tells me what a tight wet pussy I have and he loves to make me feel so good!  After a long hard day of work Daddy come and picks me up from the Abdl Baby sitters house. Then he loves to take me out for ice cream and then we go home and we sit in the floor and […]
December 28, 2016
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Diapered And Regressed Phone Sex!

You know When you come home from a very long day at work and you want to do naughty No Taboo things with your boy friend? Me too well let me tell you what happened when I came home today!  I walked to the bed room to find him in diapers he quickly covered over and said “Hi, honey I didn’t think you got off until 6pm” I told him That i got off work early and went by the Adult store for some fun surprises! What are you hiding under the blanket? I quickly pulled the blanket off of him to find him in an Adult Diaper! I said” Are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?” He said ” Yes , I am” then he looked down ashamed! Hahahaha oh my gosh you’re […]
December 5, 2016
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Mrs. Claus’ Baby

I think this year mommy wants to make all your wishes come true. I’ll dress just like Mrs. Claus and let you sit in my lap. Tell me all the things you think you deserve from Santa this year. Have you been a good adult baby or have you been naughty. If you’ve been naughty you’ll have to answer to me. If you’ve been a good boy Santa will bring you all the toys you think you baby. After you’re done with your list I can tell you my list of naughty things I’ve done this year. Maybe you’ll help me remember wont you baby boy? Like when you spilt nail polish all over my new hardwood floors. Mommy was not happy at all so she bent you over the knee and gave you a […]
October 31, 2016
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Foot Fetish Phone Sex

I will admit that I love a man with a foot fetish. I love to have my feet massaged either bare or through a pair of nylons that I have worn all day long. Feeling a man’s nose and tongue wiggling its way between my pretty pedicured toes makes my pussy wet. I love wrapping my pretty feet around a man’s hard cock and jerking it off. I like to take the whole tease and denial to a whole new level. It’s called Foot Fetish Phone Sex. Fetishes are always changing and evolving. There are new fetishes being introduced into the act of sex every day, there are also many very old fetishes that have been around forever. I wouldn’t be so bold as to claim I am familiar with every facet of Fetish Phone […]
October 24, 2016
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Movie Date

I have a surprise for you my dear. We are going to a movie tonight! I know you’ve been dying to watch that superhero movie since they released the trailer for it. I have your diaper bag all packed up and ready for the movie. I even picked out a snazzy outfit for my big boy to wear. Hurry let’s get you all dressed up and ready to go. I’ll even let you hold on to the tickets I’ve printed til we get to the theater. We can get you a bag of popcorn and a soda too. You’ve been a good diaper boy lately. You can pick our seats honey go on. Of course you would pick here on the main isle. That’s fine by me. Here’s you snacks and drink. I guess the […]
October 17, 2016
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Kinky ABDL Phone Sex

I just love my calls with my Adult Diaper Babies. Every call is different as I love to tailor each call to my special baby caller. I will do that for you during our Kinky ABDL Mommy Phone Sex call. Most of you babies do have one thing in common, you all just love this mommy’s big succulent milky titties. You love to snuggle them and suck from my big erect nipples. It makes me feel so hot and special when you suck on them and drink my special milk from them. I love to nurture you and fill up your tummy. Mommy is very oral and loved to use her mouth to make her special babies feel so so good. Mmmm. What happens next is up to you. Some of my babies like me […]