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March 6, 2022

You Will Do As Mommy Says

You Will Do As Mommy Says: I think a little diaper bondage is in order to let mommy’s little ones know who’s in charge. What mommy says, goes, and it would be a very good idea to remember that. Mommy likes to play with her Abies, and mommy loves to watch as her little ones get naughty. Abdl sex is best when everyone participates. There’s nothing better than a whirlwind of sexual fun in the nursery with mommy and all her diaper babies. Mommy will make you her little sex slaves. You will do as you are commanded, regardless of what is asked of you. Mommy wouldn’t ask you to do anything that Mommy herself wouldn’t do as well. Mommy loves it all, and so will you. You will soon become mommy’s little sex disciple […]
February 19, 2022

I Love To Play Pretend

I Love To Play Pretend: Every now and again, I like to do a little mommy roleplay and pretend that I am a mommy. A loving mommy that takes very good care of her son. And I want to do everything that a mommy can do for her sweet baby boy. I want to make my baby feel so good. I have always had a breastfeeding fetish; there’s nothing that feels as good as having my nipple sucked on. It feels like it’s connected straight to my clitus. As I cradle you in my arms, you pull my hard nipple between your teeth and then close your lips around it as you start nursing. While you suck on my boob, I slide my hand down the front of you. I stop just as my fingers […]
February 12, 2022

Incest Is The Best

Incest Is The Best: Mommy Candy just loves special time with family. Through mommy roleplay, you can experience that same special time with mommy. Mommy promises she will make you feel so good. Remember, there’s nothing better than a mother’s love. Let’s dabble in a little incest phone sex. Mommy will whisk you away for some naughty fun. Just mommy and her son. Mommy enjoys getting fucked just as much as she enjoys fucking her little ones. With Mommy, you don’t have to worry about social graces, dating, or the awkward first kiss. Mommy is ready to let you do anything and everything you want to do. With incest, we can just get right to the fun. And for mommy’s diaper lovers, mommy knows just what to do for her babies. Mommy will be your […]
January 24, 2022
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A Little Play Time With Stacey 2022

    I just love when mommy, daddy and their friends play with me.  Mommy’s favorite thing to do with me is put me in a diaper and then her and her friends really get into it with some diaper bondage.  They truss me up in a harness, lock open my legs and stick a ball gag in my mouth.  Then they tease me with toys and have their way with me. And daddy’s most favorite thing to do with me, is fuck me.  Incest sex is the best with daddy, he knows just what his baby girl needs.  Especially after being played with by mommy and her friends.  They like to tease me and then stop before I make creamies.  Makes me extra sensitive to daddy’s big hands and even bigger cock. Then they […]
June 7, 2021
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Scarlet Is Horny And Wants To Roleplay Fucking Her Own Kids

I was so hot and horny that I decided that I had to log in to phoneamommy to work from my bedroom on my day off.  I was feeling frisky and kinky and I wanted to indulge in something incestuous. Funny how every call I got were from babies who wanted me to be their mommy and have incest phone sex with them as I am that phone sex milf who wants to enjoy fucking my own kids. My first caller wanted to age regress as a teenage boy and he wanted me to walk into the room to catch him masturbating. I made sure to finish the dishes and walk up to his room and open his door without knocking and there he was, my abdl teenage son with his hard cock in his […]
May 13, 2021
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Playtime With Mommy

    Mommy just loves play time.  There’s nothing better than a cute little one to have my way with.  To dress however mommy wants and to play with any way mommy desires.  Whether in a diaper or a cute little outfit.  Mommy can choose to tie you up or just bend you over and have my way with you.  And mommy has lots of friends who would enjoy playing as well. Abdl sex is the best.  Mommy can tease you mercilessly in your diaper and then pull that diaper to the side and make you a wet mess.  And mommy just loves watching her little ones play with each other.  Seeing you squirm and writhe as you touch one another.  Humping your diapers against each other, looking at mommy for permission to continue further. […]
April 5, 2021
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Tawny’s Titties Tease Timmy

Ahhh, I feel so fresh and clean as I exit the shower and I cannot wait to slip into my see through nightgown in order to tease my step son Timmy.  I have caught him staring at my breasts for a while now and tonight is when I plan to convert that staring into actual action.  I don’t know if he even realizes that he stares at them when I have them standing up and perky at attention when I purposely go without wearing a bra around the house. I have even purposely brushed up against his arm when he was not aware that I was attempting to seduce him but I did here the shiver when he realized that it was my erect nipple and breasts that would rub up against any part of […]
January 2, 2021
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When littles ones get naughty

    Oh oh! Someone had a scary dream…aww poor baby. Mommy will be nice and let you crawl into bed with your little “brother”, now be a good girl and try not to wake him.  Mommy tucks you in and kisses both of your foreheads…Goodnight little ones. Mommy leaves the door ajar and the hallway night light on.  Sweet dreams sweet adult babies. Soon mommy hears whispers and covered moans coming from the room….hmmm what are these little ones up to now?  Mommy creeps down the hallway, stopping just outside the open door.  A peek inside shows mommy just what she thought! Mommy steps inside, pushing the door open more as she watches the fun.  Mmmmm someone is getting a good stretching.  Soon the muffled whimpers become louder, turning into gasps and groans of […]
December 15, 2020
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My Stepson Sucked My Pussy Dry

My stepson has been giving me signs that he wanted me ever since I married his dad. I remember how he looked at me at the wedding when I was getting the garter placed on the uppermost part of my thigh.  It seemed as if he was breaking his neck to try to see if I was wearing any panties.  I chuckled to myself and pretended that he did not notice anything.  Then there was this other time that we went to a vacation and we were all sitting by the pool in our bathing suits. His dad was asleep in a beach chair to my right and my step son was at the one on my left.  I was laying on my back and my wet swimsuit was not forgiving as it revealed everything.  […]