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August 16, 2022
Amanda Gets Some Encouragement to Use Her Diapers!

Abdl is Forced to Use Their Diaper!

Abdl is Forced to Use Their Diaper!: I really don’t know what Ronnie was thinking this afternoon when he had his little fit in the diaper aisle at the drug store. I imagine that his emotions got the best of him for a time, but the common sense that I know he has should have reminded him of exactly how much patience I have with that kind of behavior. It’s basically none, which is why I had him bent over with my hand coming down on the back of those tender thighs. I reminded him that he doesn’t get to show out in public, and definitely not about him not wanting to wear any more diapers. All this trouble over something that can’t be changed? No sir! Oh, but he wasn’t too happy about that, […]
June 19, 2022

Summer Time Love Fest

  Summer Time Love Fest: Now that it’s finally gotten nice and warm outside, we can have all sorts of fun. Let’s invite all your friends over and have a summer love fest to start the season off right. Ddlgs, Abdls, and everyone else who wants to have a good time are all invited. Come one, come all! We will have a blast. running around in our diapers, playing in water, and tons of dancing It’s so warm out that we don’t need to wear much as we party hard. And there will be plenty of snacks and refreshments, not to mention loads of diapers. Diapers everywhere, for all of those squishy diaper changes. And there’s definitely no shortage of people ready to help change some saggy diapers. And once the excitement starts to die […]
June 5, 2022

Diaper Girl Stacey

Diaper Girl Stacey: Age regression is so much fun. Becoming a diaper baby at mommy’s will Mommy decides what’s best for her babies. I can be a little girl, running around in my diaper, with mommy taking care of all my needs. Mommy knows what is best for me, and like a good girl, I do as mommy says. There’s nothing better than lying back, relaxing, and letting mommy diaper you. Abdl age regression is my favorite. Mommy knows just what to do and how to take care of me perfectly. Mommy diapers me, dresses me up in cute outfits, nurses me, and lets me play with all my toys when I’m a good girl. And for those times when needed, mommy enforces forced age regression, whether I want to be a good diaper baby […]
April 17, 2022
ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaper

Amanda Loves Sexy ABDL Kink

Amanda Loves Sexy ABDL Kink: I enjoy all types of abdl age regression, especially the abdl roleplay types of play that make mommy sex so much fun. A lot of babies don’t realize it until it is too late, but I am also a mommy that loves to tickle. Tickling is so much fun, but it is also something that can be a bit of a torture as well. I took a submissive with me home the other day after picking him up as he hitchhiked, and when I took him home, I tied him up with my stockings and tickled him for hours. He laughed so much that he peed on himself, and that was when I made him stay in his pissiness for hours. I wanted him to get used to the smell, […]
March 13, 2022

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes: Close your eyes, little one, and listen to the sound of mommy’s voice. Through ABD hypnosis, mommy will help you become the little diaper baby you really are. Just keep listening to the tone of mommy’s voice and the repetition of the words she says. Mommy will take you into another realm of reality with just her mouth. Lay back and let your body relax; slow your breathing; and focus on mommy’s voice. Let mommy’s words flow over you like a soothing waterfall. As you drift into a deeper consciousness, mommy whispers to you, telling you how much she loves her little diaper baby and how happy it makes her to hold you in her arms as she cradles and rocks you. How you are mommy’s good little one! That mommy will […]
December 19, 2021
Hot MILF Geting Her Nipple And Making Her Wet

Amanda Fucks Roger On The Ferris Wheel

November 20, 2021
Diaper Girl With Sleeping Masturbate

Fun With Stacey

    I’m Baby Stacey and I am an ABDL, an adult baby diaper lover.  I just love to wear and use diapers.  And I definitely love to play in my diapers.  There’s nothing better than a soft thick diaper wrapped around me like a warm hug from mommy.  I love when mommy checks my diaper, squeezing it against my most intimate areas. And when I use my diaper, it feels so good.  The warm pee spreading through my diaper makes me very excited.  I can’t help myself when I feel that squishy diaper rubbing against my little pussy, I get so wet that I start grinding in my soggy diaper. Diapers are perfect for all my messes, pee, poopy, and creamy cummies. I enjoy playing in my diapers so much, would you like to […]
November 7, 2021
Mommy's Diaper For Young Girl

When Vicky Hypnotizes Nicky All Shit Breaks Loose

When Vicky hypnotizes Nicky all shit breaks loose. She literally goes into a trance at the inception of a role-play setting focusing so much on her mommy Vicky’s voice as it is to mesmerizing.  As soon as she is told to take a squat and lift up one of her legs like a dog, she does it with no issue and out comes a stream of soft and runny shit that gets contained – somewhat – by her diaper. Mommy Vicky would then tease Nicky in a playful manner and put her boobs in her face. She would tell her to pick a boob and tell me which part she wants to suck.  Because Nicky is so greedy she asked mommy Vicky politely if she could suck both breasts as she loves the sweetness and […]
March 9, 2021
Girl using her fuck dick toys

Sweet and Sexy Shelinda Loves To Play

How fortunate I am to play with Shelinda, a fun blonde who just graduated college. I met her while she was at a career fair and I remember I took her resume and it just sat on my shelf ever since. I ran into her in town at a boutique beauty shop and she remembered me, which was surprising as I had forgotten about her. I told her that I did not get back to her regarding the then position because I do not work at that company anymore. She told me that it is okay, because she is between jobs at the moment because she just graduated college. I congratulated her and she asked what I did now as a profession and I told her that I am a dommy mommy. Her eyes lit […]