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March 25, 2021
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Look Into Mommy’s Eyes

    With spring in the air and Easter next weekend, mommy is feeling a bit nostalgic for the days when you were just a little cutie.  When mommy could dress you up in adorable outfits and parade you around for all to see. Mommy has decided to become an abdl mommy and she has her eyes set on you being her sweet little one.  Mommy will make you her adult baby and get to do anything she wants to you. Through ABDL Stacey, mommy will turn you into her baby.  Mommy brings you into her room and asks you to sit on the edge of the bed.  Once you sit, mommy tilts your head until you are looking up at mommy.  Now look into mommy’s eyes… Keep looking deep into mommy’s eyes, as mommy […]
March 15, 2021
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Hide and Seek Fun With My Sexy Stepson

My stepson wanted to feel young again because he said that it was a long time since I played with him and he feels that we have somehow distanced ourselves from each other. I told him that in life with business, family responsibilities and other things it is something that can happen to the best of us.  He thought that it would be fun if we did something that was totally not the norm for us and he said that we should play a game of hide and seek. I laughed because it was a long time ago that I played this game with him as he was so young at the time and now that he was 20 years old, I thought that it was a great idea and that it could bring back […]
March 15, 2021
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Follow Where Dommy Mommy Scarlet Leads

Lots of abdl babies call and ask for Dommy Mommy Scarlet because they know as their dominant, they need to follow where I lead them.  There is usually a twinge of nervousness with many, but never with all.  One thing that is a constant is the need to be punished and disciplined by a majority of my abdl babies who call for a mix of pain and pleasure all commingled in the realm of abdl sex. At times the topic of conversation will be based on incest chat in which I exert my role as a dommy mommy and I will discipline my little in multiple ways. The importance of submitting to me sexually as the mommy of my abdls enforces loyalty, closeness and commitment all at the same time. Many like the mental torture […]
March 7, 2021
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Aunt Brenda Turns A Boy Into A Baby!

Jimmy slowly started waking up, realizing that something felt off, and wiggled around to try to find that sweet spot so that he could go back to sleep. He tried not to think about it too hard, but it felt like he really didn’t want to remember what was wrong… “Oh, wakey wakey! Did you have a good nap, dear? I checked in on you a few times, but you were knocked out and drooling every time. ‘Slept like a baby’ isn’t just a saying for you anymore, now is it? Who knew that age regression was so good!” His eyes snapped open to see his Aunt Brenda’s smiling face over him, her arms resting on top if the railing for his…crib? That is when everything came back to him, the fudge brownies that she […]
March 5, 2021
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You Are Now Mommy’s Baby

    Since you seem to have an issue with getting to the potty in time, and mommy is getting tired of having to strip and wash everything numerous times a day… Mommy has an idea that will benefit both of us.  With a little forced age regression, mommy will be diapering you and treating you like a baby from now on. Don’t try to fight mommy on this, mommy has warned you too many times and now it’s time to pay the consequences of your behavior.  A big boy doesn’t pee himself every night, a big boy doesn’t just piss his pants because he’s too busy to use the bathroom.  Since you want to act like a baby, mommy will treat you as such. Abdl regression is perfect for a bed wetter just like […]
February 23, 2021
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Roleplay Phone Sex Is Always The Sexiest Fun

There are no words to describe how wonderful it is to be an abdl step mommy and to be able to be open and free to explore any and everything that comes to my mind.  It runs the gamut with what sexy thoughts come to mind that I can explore with my abdl babies and I never ever keep us confined to a box, as everything sexy and hot is always on the table to be explored. It does indeed take a very special kind of mind to be open, creative and free to explore all of the fantasies and fetishes possible without any reservations.  I really look forward to when I speak with an adult baby diaper lover and we engage in that delves deep into the realms of erotic fantasy play. Too often […]
February 18, 2021
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You Will Now Be Mommy’s Baby

    Don’t try to fight it… Mommy knows how you long to be mommy’s sweet little baby again, mommy sees the jealousy in your eyes when mommy holds other little ones.  With your “hidden” feelings mommy knows forced age regression will not be necessary. Mommy has seen you touching and playing with the baby diapers, and knows that you long to be babied again and be in mommy’s loving arms.  Abdl age regression would be the best for you and mommy knows you will will be secretly pleased to be put back into a diaper. Mommy has a surprise for her little one… Come to mommy, very good!  Mommy strips you of all your clothes even your little undies.  As you stand their embarrassed, trying to cover your privates, mommy pulls out a diaper […]
February 18, 2021
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My Stepson Cums In Me

“Step mommy loves you so very much, Sweetheart,” is what I whispered in my stepson’s ear as I raised my sweet pussy up from his cock that was soaked in a mixture of my cum and his.  He was so happy to role play with me today as he has an age regression fetish that he wanted to explore for a very long time. I was so happy when he confided in me his deepest and darkest fantasies and I was so anxious to explore them.  It was so natural for him to go back in time and engage in abdl age regression that it makes me feel that his cock was simply – just meant for my pussy. I am the only one that he trusts with this secret, this love affair that we […]
January 29, 2021
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Listen To The Sound Of Mommy’s Voice

    Mommy has a surprise for her little man.  After days of discussing all your likes and kinks during our ABDL chat, mommy knows just what her baby needs. Being an abdl mommy means mommy has to pay close attention to her little ones needs and desires.  And mommy listens to her babies. Now it is time for you to listen to mommy:  Sit down, close your eyes, relax and breathe.  Mommy wants you to lean your head back and exhale a big breath, as you let the air flow past your lips, mommy wants you to visualize the one thing that makes you the happiest. Once mommy sees that smile forming on your upturned face, she knows you are picturing being a baby in mommy’s arms.  Mommy softens her voice, almost cooing to […]