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September 27, 2020
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Mommy Candy’s Sissy Babies

I have been doing some thinking during this past week, and I just really felt like the sissy babies out there deserved some extra love this week. Being an ABDL is unique enough, but many people, especially if they are outsiders looking in to our lifestyle, seem to neglect the sissy side of the lifestyle. I wish that these little sweeties got more attention than they do, and I wish that more people were aware that such precious little people exist out there! A hot milf like me gets to take care of so many different types of little ones, each and every one of them are special and different! The personalities that come in such a small package are so large! All of them have their own preferences and favorites, and it is a […]
September 26, 2020
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Your First Time in the ABDL Community?

There comes a time in every potential ABDLs life in which they finally realize just who they are inside… It can be hard for some babies to come to terms with  these new and confusing thoughts that they are having, especially if they do not have someone in their life that they feel like they can confide in and talk to about this. Sometimes this realization is unexpectedly scary for an adult baby or diaper lover who is new to the lifestyle and all that it has to offer. If you are a brand new baby who is completely new to the lifestyle, this can be incredibly overwhelming. Lucky for you, you could not have stumbled upon a more perfect place to learn and grow into your new adult baby lifestyle! There are plenty of […]
September 20, 2020
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Wake Up, Sissy Boy!

Mommy Candy was a sweet and loving mommy, who was usually quite patient and understanding with her little ones when they made a mistake, even when that mistake was not so accidental as they might make it seem. She woke her babies up with plenty of kisses every single morning, and they went to sleep with her arms holding them tight all tucked in and snuggled up to their sweet mommy. One day, there was one particular sissy abdl who thought that they would get away with sleeping in all day while everyone else in the house was already up and about. Now mommy Candy is quite lenient and does not enjoy punishing or scolding her babies, but when it is noon and they are still snoring away in a stinky soggy diaper because they […]
September 13, 2020
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Sexy Stepmommy Tawny

Aww, daddy left you at home and you are feeling a little blue, are you? Well you should really be considering yourself lucky that your devoted daddy found himself a sexy MILF like me to be your new step mommy. I have experience under my belt that so many of these wanna be’s who came your daddy’s way can’t claim. I have gotten the chance to take care of countless little adult baby and sissy sweethearts. All types of them. I am known for enforcing strict rules and having a very no nonsense attitude. Nothing gets past me, and I keep all of my babies in line with ruthless punishment. I am not afraid to get creative either, so you had better stay on your toes! Feel like talking back? That is just fine with […]
September 13, 2020
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Poor Little Sissy Baby Gets Humiliated!

Greg watched with trepidation as his Auntie Brenda pulled up to one of her favorite dress salons. He didn’t want to go in there, all the ladies would laugh at him! It had been horrible enough just driving to here in her convertible with the top down so that all the vehicles could clearly see him and what she had made him wear for this outing. All he could do was blush in humiliation as the people that passed them stared at him in his baby bonnet, crop top, thigh high stockings, and thick abdl diaper. Some just stared while others took pictures on their phones as they laughed at him… some truckers even honked at him! He wanted to tell Aunt Brenda that she was mean and nasty for doing this to him, but […]
September 6, 2020
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Pinching Those Pathetic Little Peepees!

Oh my goodness… I can’t recall in all of my years taking care of ABDLs ever having seen a little tiny peepee that is sooo pathetically tiny before! I can’t believe that your father did not warn me about this thing before I agreed to marry him and help to take care of you… What am I supposed to do with this tiny thing? Laugh? That is a given… I can hardly control myself when I open up your adult baby diaper and that tiny little speck is staring back at me. Well, at least you will never be able to forget what a sissy baby that you are… After all, how could you possibly forget when you have that useless little cock stuck between your legs? No woman would ever be able to do […]
August 16, 2020
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Mommy’s Little Cum Slut

Hello again you naughty babies…I wonder what you have been up to. In particular, my sissy babies! It seems in my experience that little sissies can either be so sweet and obedient, or they can be little mischievous trouble makers! I am focusing on working with the sissy adult baby cuties I take care of today, and we are going to reinforce their submissive status, and make sure that they are keeping in mind everything this ABDL Mommy has drilled into their mind! The sissies I take care of have to stay on top of their training, or they will start to slip! That is why I make sure to bring over at least two or three of my hottest alpha male friends to come over and make sure my sissies don’t forget how to […]
July 6, 2020
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Scarlet Red Lipstick Stains On Mommy’s Pretty Pink Pussy

  Come to me my little ABDL Stacey slut and let me paint your face with my makeup.  I will groom your eyebrows with the perfect arch and I will curl your eyelashes until they look like feathers on a tiny bird.  Your face will be beaten with foundation to give your skin the look of a porcelain doll and I will paint your lips Scarlet Red.  Pout your lips up and kiss the air as I take my time to slide the lipstick on your lips.  One, two, three, four layers on your mouth.  The more I paint, the color on your lips pop!  Now that you are all dolled up it is time to put Scarlet Red lipstick stains on Mommy’s pretty pink pussy.  I am spreading my legs and your little pretty […]
June 22, 2020
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Sissified Because I Want It!

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