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July 3, 2022
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Playing With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked

Playing With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked: I am Aunt Brenda, and I am the one that you need to call so we can have some erotica about sex. It does not matter if you are an abdl boy, an abdl girl, a sissy in diapers, or boys or girls in diapers; once you try Aunt Brenda, you will never go back. If I want to toss you on my bed so that I am facing your back while you are on your knees, I will make sure that you keep your eyes closed and not turn your head around. I will be very quiet when I choose to, and I won’t make a sound when I retrieve a feather that will be used to slightly tickle you underneath your shaved and saggy balls. […]
July 3, 2022

Mommy Will Take Good Care of You

Mommy Will Take Good Care of You: Through ABD hypnosis, mommy will make you her sweet little diaper baby. You will regress back to being a helpless baby that needs mommy’s care and full attention. Mommy will bathe you and lay you down so you can be lotioned, powdered, and diapered. Abdl Mommy Candy just loves her little adult baby. You will be taken very good care of. Mommy will hold you and rock you; mommy will nurse you and snuggle you. Mommy will check that little diapered booty often to see if the baby has filled their cute little diaper. As mommy pats your back and coos to you, you will suck on mommy’s nipple, filling that little belly up so you can fill your little diaper up. Mommy just loves to watch you […]
June 27, 2022
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Amanda’s ABDL Chat Turns On Tracy

Amanda’s ABDL Chat Turns On Tracy: Everyone has gifts that they are really great at, and one of the gifts that I happen to rock at is abdl chat. Don’t you dare question me about it, as I know what an abdl likes, wants, and needs, and the answer is me? A diaper lover needs more than just a diaper to be turned on; he or she needs to have the right mommy to tell them what to do. You just can’t get into a car and drive properly without a license, and that is the same concept when it comes to me. I will teach you how to drive in the bedroom, and when it is time to slow down and accelerate, it is me that will tell you when to speed up. That […]
June 19, 2022
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Aunt Brenda’s Sex Talk Is Hot Sex Talk

Aunt Brenda’s Sex Talk Is Hot Sex Talk: I don’t speak for others when it comes to how I engage in sex talk with all of my little sweet callers; it is not necessary for me to brag. I know how good I am and how in touch I am with my clients, and it makes no difference at all what their gender is. I can play with adult baby diaper lover girls and adult baby diaper-lover boys, and they will all feel special when they play with me. Are you an abdl boy or an abdl girl, and if you like to play with friends, are those boys in diapers or are they girls in diapers? It really does not matter to me, as I treat everyone the same. One thing that I don’t […]
June 19, 2022
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Brenda’s AB/DL Needs A Clean Diaper

Brenda’s AB/DL Needs A Clean Diaper: I can’t believe that Mimi is messy again—it is as if there is a chocolate fountain connected to her bottom. She simply has no control over herself, and as an adult baby who loves to be in diapers, she really enjoys it when she messes herself. I admit that times can get busy, and when I am running around the house, Mimi will make a stink, and when I smell it, or even sometimes hear it when she continues to release in my presence, she usually has a big smile on her face. When I ask her if she has anything in her diaper, all she does is smile.She feels that it would take away from the beauty of infantilism and the beautiful ab/dl if she got “out of […]
June 19, 2022

Summer Time Love Fest

  Summer Time Love Fest: Now that it’s finally gotten nice and warm outside, we can have all sorts of fun. Let’s invite all your friends over and have a summer love fest to start the season off right. Ddlgs, Abdls, and everyone else who wants to have a good time are all invited. Come one, come all! We will have a blast. running around in our diapers, playing in water, and tons of dancing It’s so warm out that we don’t need to wear much as we party hard. And there will be plenty of snacks and refreshments, not to mention loads of diapers. Diapers everywhere, for all of those squishy diaper changes. And there’s definitely no shortage of people ready to help change some saggy diapers. And once the excitement starts to die […]
June 12, 2022
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Mommy Amanda Wants You – Now!

Mommy Amanda Wants You – Now!: Hey you, yeah. You’re reading this right now; don’t you think that it is time that you called for some hot and sexy abdl roleplay? I know that you have been thinking about it and trying to talk yourself out of it, and my question to you is why? There is no need to put this off; why put off happiness and joy if you can have them today, right away? I know that you are an adult baby diaper lover, and you have had an abdl fetish for a very long time. When you are alone and no one is around, you make sure to make time to do this so that you can feel fulfilled. You have been looking at my photo and reading my bio for […]
June 12, 2022
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Amanda’s Sexy Pussy Fruit Game With Her ABDLs

Amanda’s Sexy Pussy Fruit Game With Her ABDLs: I was created to spread my love to my most loyal and true adult baby diaper lovers. I spread this love in a variety of ways. My favorite way to spread this love is through mothering. This sex is like none other because it is with an adult baby of my choosing, and it is mommy sex that they need to survive and go about their merry way. I enjoy feeding my adult babies, and contrary to popular belief, it is not just breast milk that I provide; it is also mommy’s puke. Many are not aware that the sweet juices that flow from my feminine canal are for my adult babies to enjoy, like, sucke, swallow, and devour. As a matter of fact, I can have […]
June 6, 2022
Adult Shows His Hot Diaper Look

Brenda’s ABDL Morris Shits Himself On The Ferry

Brenda’s ABDL Morris Shits Himself On The Ferry: Morris is my adult baby diaper lover, and he loves diaper sex, scat sex, and diaper bondage. This was something that he hid from many people for years. He was in multiple relationships for a long time, and he would have to sneak and hide this part of his life from his lovers. One day, one of his girlfriends, who was doing some cleaning, found some of the diapers that he had made in the bottom of his closet and questioned him about them; he shrugged them off, saying they were for his dad, who was having bladder issues. She believed him and never brought it up again. But when I met him for the first time on a ferry, I saw immediately that there was a […]