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February 16, 2017
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Taking Care Of My Adult Baby

Oh look who is up for the day are you ready for your Abdl Mommy to change the soaking wet adult diaper. Look how full it is I am very surprised that it didn’t leak !! Now let’s take you and put you on your changing table and slide down your pajama pants and plastic panties. I undo the tapes on your pink princess diaper and fold it down! I take a wipe and wipe your clitty nice and slow and then I take and lift your legs way up high and slide that diaper tight out from underneath your bottom and throw it ninths diaper pail. I take and unfold the new diaper and lift and slip it right under your bottom put some nice baby lotion and powder your sweet bottom! Now I […]
February 13, 2017
A Old Man Lying Down in Bed and wearing big diaper

Special Time With Your Abdl Mommy

Lets take a walk to your Abdl nursery! I wanna give you a nice surprise for being such a well behaved  adult baby boy! We walk into your abdl nursery and I sit you up on your changing table and take and slide down your pants and plastic pants and then Undo your urine soaked adult diapers and fold it down. Then take a nice warm wipe and gently wipe your wee-wee and bend over and start licking and kissing on your wee-wee and taking my other hand and gently stroking it! You like it when mommy gets naughty with you don’t you? I love making you squirm and feel good until you make a special cummies for mommy in your wittle adult diaper! I might even let you make your special cummies on my […]
January 17, 2017
A adult Girl Sitting inside her cot along with sucking pacifier

Adult Baby Gets An Early Bed Time!

Wow you have had an attitude with your abdl mommy all day! I can’t believe how you have been acting! keep getting an attitude with mommy and I will bust your cute wittle diapered bottom. Now get over here and let mommy change your Adult Diaper. We start walking back to your Abdl nursery to change you and you start to run off and telling me no! I turned around and grabbed you by your leg as your crawling off. and take you and grab you by your ear and walk you toward the nursery and take off your urine soaked diaper and take my wooden spoon and give you 10 hard smacks on your upper thighs right underneath your bottom, Then taking the wooden spoon and giving you 40 spankings on your bottom. You […]
December 28, 2016
A hot Women wearing Transparent Dress and Shows Off her whole Body

Diapered And Regressed Phone Sex!

You know When you come home from a very long day at work and you want to do naughty No Taboo things with your boy friend? Me too well let me tell you what happened when I came home today!  I walked to the bed room to find him in diapers he quickly covered over and said “Hi, honey I didn’t think you got off until 6pm” I told him That i got off work early and went by the Adult store for some fun surprises! What are you hiding under the blanket? I quickly pulled the blanket off of him to find him in an Adult Diaper! I said” Are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?” He said ” Yes , I am” then he looked down ashamed! Hahahaha oh my gosh you’re […]
December 28, 2016
A girl standing against the wall and naked back pose

Public Humiliation Phone Sex!

You have been naughty all day little miss, Now we are going to go and grab lunch, well I am I have your lunch right here in the diaper bag, It is sweet peas and carrots mmm I know how much you like them! Now I take you hand and have you stop and I take a firm grip of your soaked Adult diaper! and then pull you pants back to look in and see that you have went poopy, Your a stinky Adult baby you know that? Now lets go and get you changed before I feed you. I lay out you hello kitty changing pad and then help you lay down and I life your skirt up and pull down your plastic rhumba panties and  un tape your pink princess diapers and then […]
December 23, 2016
A Boy And Girl Both are wearing Blue Pajamas Funny Baby Costume

Step Sister Roleplay

  It’s time for another step sister phone sex story! Here at Phone A Mommy you can choose from the girl of your dreams to be anything you want them to be! Well this week I was going through my normal routine when I got a call from somebody I haven’t had the pleasure of talking to yet. He was a little shy at first being a new caller and all, but with a little sweet encouragment I got him to tell me that he had a step sister he always would fantasize about when he was younger. Just the whole idea of her being off limits and taboo was enough to get his cock hard constantly. So being the naughty open minded mommy I am, I decided to do a roleplay with him and […]
November 27, 2016
Naked Stunning Girl looking so Hot and Sexy Body

Naughty, Naughty!

So I come home to find every single pair of my panties scattered through the room! I can see someone is still upset with me for forcing them to be in Adult diapers! Well if you didn’t have accidents like a baby then I wouldn’t treat you as such! Now get over here and quit hiding behind your closet door! I know you’re in there I can see you toes with pink nail polish on them. Now, what did I say? Don’t make me come in there and pull you out by your ear! You already got a hefty punishment coming to you do you really want to add to it? Ok, so it is going to be like this, is it? My sweet Adult baby will you please come out of the closet like […]
November 21, 2016
A Big Boobs Lady with half nude body and giving a killing pose

Want To Go Dress Shopping

Looks like all of your dresses are getting too small for you now doesn’t it sweet Adult Baby girl! I think it’s about time for mommy to take you shopping again for a whole new closet full of pretty pink dresses and little rompers! What do you think my little baby girl? Look at the huge smile on your face, you know when your Abdl mommy sees that beautiful smile it just make my heart fill so full! Now come on sleepy head lets get you a new diaper and an outfit on you and some nice smelling perfume! So come on rise and shine my wittle girl mommy wants to take you out today and have a mommy and me day! Good girl now lets lay you down and change your diaper its nice […]
October 16, 2016
Naked Stunning Girl looking so Hot and Sexy Body

Enema Time

Aww, what happened my little Adult Baby boy? You wanna be humiliated and have your abdl mommy give you an enema and force you to dress up all girly and make you go shopping with me? That sounds like a wonderful idea? Let’s go into the bathroom and take off that adult diaper. I am going to have you bend over the tub so I can get the nozzle in your tight behind! You feel the warm rush of liquid go inside of your bottom! Mmmm, you cry out! Now we are going to place a butt plug in there to hold the liquid  until I say you can mess your diaper! But I want you to mess it right when we are at the mall and the prettiest girl comes up and starts talking to you! […]