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June 27, 2022
ABDL girl playing with her pussy

Amanda’s ABDL Chat Turns On Tracy

Amanda’s ABDL Chat Turns On Tracy: Everyone has gifts that they are really great at, and one of the gifts that I happen to rock at is abdl chat. Don’t you dare question me about it, as I know what an abdl likes, wants, and needs, and the answer is me? A diaper lover needs more than just a diaper to be turned on; he or she needs to have the right mommy to tell them what to do. You just can’t get into a car and drive properly without a license, and that is the same concept when it comes to me. I will teach you how to drive in the bedroom, and when it is time to slow down and accelerate, it is me that will tell you when to speed up. That […]
June 26, 2022

Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?: Are you a diaper lover? Do you have a diaper fetish? Are you an ab/dl? Me too!  I just love everything to do with diapers, and I love doing everything while wearing diapers. Do you want to play with me and my diapers? We would have so much fun. Diapers are the best. I just love wearing and using my diapers. It gets so warm and squishy and feels so good against my body. It makes my pussy get excited and wets my diaper more than pee does. I love sitting and bouncing in my dirty diaper, and diapers are meant to be filled. We could both fill our diapers and then take turns changing and cleaning each other. I will take my time cleaning you all up and rubbing the baby powder […]
June 12, 2022
ABDL Mommy's Pussy Showing

Mommy Amanda Wants You – Now!

Mommy Amanda Wants You – Now!: Hey you, yeah. You’re reading this right now; don’t you think that it is time that you called for some hot and sexy abdl roleplay? I know that you have been thinking about it and trying to talk yourself out of it, and my question to you is why? There is no need to put this off; why put off happiness and joy if you can have them today, right away? I know that you are an adult baby diaper lover, and you have had an abdl fetish for a very long time. When you are alone and no one is around, you make sure to make time to do this so that you can feel fulfilled. You have been looking at my photo and reading my bio for […]
May 29, 2022
ABDL Mommy's Pussy Showing

Mark Is Mommy Amanda’s Pissy Diaper Wearing ABDL

Mark Is Mommy Amanda’s Pissy Diaper Wearing ABDL: It was super late at night, and it was time for me to email Mark so he could call me for mommy phone sex when he was finished with his meeting. He was so stressed as he worked from home since the pandemic was announced, and he needed to talk to me to relieve all of the tension that everything caused. He and I really enjoy getting into the kinky side of abdl by also mixing it with bdsm kink, so the fun that we have is a mixture of both messy diaper sex and spanking phone sex. I told him to put on the diapers that I told him to buy when he is working so that he could get used to the feeling of them. […]
May 29, 2022
ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaper

Amanda’s Little Diaper Lover Loves Sucking Her Tits

Amanda’s Little Diaper Lover Loves Sucking Her Tits: My diaper lover Alan is more than obsessed with my tits. Not only do I have him suck on them every time that I feel like it, but he actually also dreams about sucking on my tits in his sleep. He stays with me every now and then when I desire to have company with me, and he happens to be really active with his dreams when he enters REM sleep. If I wanted to, I could go to the kitchen and get a bag of popcorn, and when I returned, it would appear that I am watching a movie scene of some kind, because that is how animated he gets.He loves to get into the art of infantilism, and it is so natural for him. There […]
May 22, 2022
abdl mommy topless

BDSM Dominatrix Roleplay With Kay

BDSM Dominatrix Roleplay With Kay: I do enjoy bdsm, and the dominatrix roleplay that I engaged in with Kay included a lot of sexy games in the realm of bondage fetish. I enjoy tying up Kay because she completely trusts me and knows that what we do is mutually beneficial, so it is always a pleasure.When we play, she knows fully and totally that she is the bottom and I am the top. If I tell her to jump, she won’t even need to ask me how high—she just does it. So, when it comes to tying her up, I take pleasure in always blindfolding her beforehand so that she does not know what to expect. This level of mystery and suspense is what is necessary as sex play first starts in the mind, and […]
May 15, 2022
small penis on an adult baby

Amanda Fondles Her ABDL Baby’s Cock

Amanda Fondles Her ABDL Baby’s Cock: I want to engage in hot and sexy sex talk with you because it is what makes me wet and sticky. I can’t speak for other mommies, but for me, getting into age regression mommy roleplay is my absolute favorite. I want to take care of you, and by doing that, I will actually be getting taken care of as well. I love to nurture and feed you my sweet and creamy breastmilk from my mammoth tits, and as I look into your eyes, you will know that you are safe in my arms, where there will be no harm that will come to you. I want to make sure that I soothe you the way that I know that you like it, which is when I place my […]
February 27, 2022

Some ABDL Fun

Some ABDL Fun: Mommy is so looking forward to some ABD fun with her little ones. Mommy’s sweet and very naughty diaper girls and boys just make mommy’s day so much better. Playing so much and so hard that everyone collapses in an exhausted heap, ready for a much-needed nap. A little DDLG excitement is always a plus as well. My little diaper girls can be so mischievous; it seems every time I turn around, someone is putting something in their wet little pussies. It makes Mommy laugh to see such play. Also makes mommy very wet and turned on. Mommy makes her way around the nursery, paying each and every little one some much-needed attention. Mommy Candy slides her fingers in and out of those spread pussies, moving from one to another. Sometimes she […]
January 2, 2022
Men With Baby Diaper

Amanda’s ABDL Recalls A Hot And Sexy Scene

The diaper therapy that my abdl needs is always one that makes him feel complete because it is something that touches his heart, mind and soul.  He has loved abdl bdsm and specifically abdl roleplay since he was a teenager, ever since he walked in on his mother and her boyfriend doing erotic role-play.  He did not see mommy kissing Santa Clause as the famous song goes, he just happened to see mommy sucking on her boyfriend’s cock while she happened to have a black collar around her neck that read the word “slave.” At first he was shocked as he could not believe that his mother would wear a collar with such a word on it and before he could manage to get over that shock, he saw his mother’s boyfriend place her over his […]