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May 1, 2018
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Age Regressed Boyfriend

You think you’re so big and bad don’t you always acting so tough around me! I have has enough. And it’s time that I showed you who’s really in charge. What I’m going to do is I want to turning into a baby so I can start all over again mold you into what I want you to be ! Babies are innocent and sweet they don’t cheat on their girlfriends. And don’t you dare try to run away every time you do I’m going to snatch you up and put you over my lap and spank your bottom until it’s bright red. Trust me you learn very quickly and I’m not here to play games with you. I’m here to make you into my sweet little ABDL. If AGE REGRESSION is how I do […]
April 26, 2018

Completely Flooded

Last night my new phone sex adult baby wore a pull up, first time in awhile. When he went to bed he curled up, looking so cute, and put in a paci. Almost immediately he lost control and filled his Adult diaper with warm piss and a big smile on his little face. It wasn’t quite an accident but it’s the closest thing he had ever gotten! He was so excited that he came a couple minutes later. Then he went to sleep, so happy in my warm, cum filled diaper. This morning when he woke up his bladder was full again, and so he peed in the soggy pull ups. This time, there was so much piss it completely overflowed and he was lying in a warm puddle. He tried to stop himself but […]
April 24, 2018
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Sissy Dress Up

Mommy has such a treat in store for her tiny ABDL SISSY baby today. Today we’re gonna go to a parade . We’re going to put you in your prettiest outfit . You know your pretty pink dress with the ruffles all over it . And then we’re gonna make sure that you have on noisiest diaper that makes you waddle when you walk. Because it looks so silly on you and you have biggest waddle when you have it on . Then we’re going to put on your ruffle panties and your pretty little ruffled socks and black Mary Jane . We have to make sure your hair is very pretty also with lots of ribbons and curls . Aren’t you the prettiest sweetest baby mom has ever seen . Now it’s time to […]
April 10, 2018
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Addicted To Enemas

You have a dirty little secret and this Mommy knows exactly what it is. I know you’re addicted to enema phone sex. You’ve been this way ever since Mommy gave you your first flush. You were so upset because your tummy hurt and you couldn’t go potty. So Mommy did what she does best and improvised. You were a little nervous at first and embarrassed that Mommy was so close to your hiney. I made sure to put a little Vaseline on the outside of your bum. You flinched a bit from the coldness of it and I made sure you stayed very still as I started to slip the hose inside your bottom. Once it was inside I grabbed the bag and slowly started squeezing the fluid inside you. Your eyes got bigger as […]
April 10, 2018
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Well would you look at that. I think we have ourselves a group of dirty diaper phone sex lovers! Mommy Ava knows just how much you love going potty in your diapers but today were going to try something a bit different! This story is going to get really stinky if you catch my drift so if you aren’t a fan of toilet play or scat this isn’t the fantasy for you! Okay so that being said we all know what it’s like to wear a diaper and mess it themselves, but has anyone ever thought of having another adult baby make messies in your diaper too? Like a little diaper toilet and urinal! I think it would be stinky but fun! Especially if you love toilet play we could have a whole group of […]
March 11, 2018

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March 8, 2018
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Nurse Janey Will See You Now Part 2

You feel her pull your cheeks apart – this feels so infantile! The cold bulb of an old-style thermometer pushes against your bottom, then slides in, invading you. You feel it slide up inside, and the Abdl Sitter hand resting on your bottom. After a moment, she withdraws it and records your temperature, then leaves the exam room. Mistress Janey stops in the hall to talk to Ms. Tawny, the sitter. “Did the conditioning work?” she asks. Ms. Tawny smiles. “Like a charm. He’s doing everything without any arguments. Didn’t even cover himself when I walked him in front of the open door.” Nurse Janey smiles. “I guess we’ll be reporting that the hypnotic suggestion works better when masked in music then. Most people don’t even notice it playing in the background, and then it […]
February 25, 2018
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Caring For My ABDL Babies

I love my age regression baby’s. I love spending time with them and making them take off all their adult clothes and dressing them in all the pretty baby outfits I have. Ducky onesies with little holes in the bottom. With big puffy diapers that make noises and make them waddle when they walk. The diapers make their little bottoms poke out. It looks so round and  full in those little outfits it always makes me smile. I make my baby’s bottle of my breast milk and feed them till their tummy’s are nice and full. And then I put them over my shoulder and burp them so they don’t get gassy tummy’s. Then I change my Sissy baby’s diaper clean their bottom and make sure they have plenty of cream and powder so their […]
February 21, 2018
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