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March 19, 2022

Fetish Fun

Fetish Fun: I just love how your diaper fetish gets you so excited that your hard cock sticks straight out the top of your diaper.  And of course, when that happens, you have to touch it and play with it.  I know that when I wear my diapers, my pussy is constantly wet and dripping. A little diaper humiliation would be perfect for a naughty diaper lover like you. When I see your cock peeking out, I’m going to tell everyone so they can point at you and laugh. A silly little diaper baby that can’t control his peepee. Your cheeks will turn bright red with embarrassment as the sound of laughter fills the air. That cocked head is glistening and leaking more and more pre-cum as you get more and more attention. I know […]
March 6, 2022

You Will Do As Mommy Says

You Will Do As Mommy Says: I think a little diaper bondage is in order to let mommy’s little ones know who’s in charge. What mommy says, goes, and it would be a very good idea to remember that. Mommy likes to play with her Abies, and mommy loves to watch as her little ones get naughty. Abdl sex is best when everyone participates. There’s nothing better than a whirlwind of sexual fun in the nursery with mommy and all her diaper babies. Mommy will make you her little sex slaves. You will do as you are commanded, regardless of what is asked of you. Mommy wouldn’t ask you to do anything that Mommy herself wouldn’t do as well. Mommy loves it all, and so will you. You will soon become mommy’s little sex disciple […]
March 6, 2022

Fun With Mommy

  Fun With Mommy: Give Mommy Candy a call and let your imagination run wild. Mommy likes it all and will do it all. Don’t be shy or afraid. Mommy will take very good care of you. And remember, Mommy likes all fetishes. Have you been curious about calling? Intrigued by fetish lifestyles? There are so many to choose from and enjoy. And nothing is off-limits or taboo. So don’t feel timid about your inner freakiness; let mommy know all about what turns you on. Mommy is a freak herself, and mommy is very curious about everything. So, give Mommy Candy a call, and we can both satisfy our curiosities. Mommy will have you drenched in cumin and begging for more. Let mommy know your secrets and use them to make you feel good. And […]
December 11, 2021
Mommy's Sex With Her Daddy

Time For Fun

    You two have been such good Abies this year that mommy and daddy have a special treat for you.  We’ve seen how hard you have been working to behave and do as you’re told.  And it makes us very proud of our little ones.  So mommy and daddy have decided to give you both an early Christmas gift.  We think you will enjoy it very much. Mommy will give you yours and daddy will give sister hers.  We’ve seen how you look at each of us and the curious glances you give one another.  We discussed it at length and decided this gift was the best choice for all situations.  Mommy is so excited to start.  Time for some fun, for us all. Come with mommy sweet diaper boy.  A little mom fuck […]
December 10, 2021

Aunt Brenda Fulfills Your Needs

I am your Aunt Brenda and I will give you what you need.  You may think that you know what you need but the fact is that I know what is best for you.  You will come to me and I will give you guidance in the erotic arts to include abdl roleplay and bdsm roleplay. Stop hiding your deepest and darkest secrets from me, you need to tell me everything that you have kept hidden away for as long.  I need to know all I can about you to make you do all that you can to please me. You will worship me and sit at my feet and when I need a foot rub from you, you will give it to me without hesitation.  I am able to provide all that you need […]
December 7, 2021
Men Adult Diaper Lover

I Pooped Myself, Step-Mommy Tawny

I pooped myself Step-Mommy Tawny and it smells so bad. I can hear cars honking ad neighbors chatting amongst themselves outside of the door that there is such a stinky smelly stench coming from where my room is located.  This is so embarrassing, this is just like the time that the doctor said that I have leaky butt syndrome and they had to call in the Fire Department to escort me home as every single time that I would walk and take a step that is when it was a long stream of poop flowing out of me.  It was so embarrassing and people would stop to look and stare at me and how my leaky butt looked.  I was so horrified that I wished that I could run away to the farthest part of […]
October 3, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Shows Her Hot Diaper Look

Mommy And Daddy Love You Just The Way You Are

    There’s no reason to get upset and feel like you have to change who you are.  Mommy and daddy love you regardless.  So don’t feel bad for how you act or for what you like.  A little abdl counseling might help you come to terms with who you are and your direction in life.  Mommy will always love you and so will daddy. That diaper fetish you have is no big deal, I promise.  Mommy likes babying you and changing your dirty diapers.  It warms mommy’s heart to lay you down next to mommy and let you nurse from mommy when ever you are hungry or sleepy.  Mommy just loves her little adult babies. And daddy daughter little girl time is the sweetest thing ever for mommy to witness.  Daddy dotes on his […]
October 2, 2021
Diaper Girl Hot Look

Aunt Brenda’s Hot and Sexy Phone Sex Session With ABDL Brennon

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Brennon called me for the first time on the phoneamommy sex hotline and he was obviously very nervous.  He had a plethora of fantasies and fetishes that he wanted to talk to me about and he was rather ashamed of them.  I made him tell me where he was in his home and he told me that he was in the kitchen and I told him to move to a room where he would be more comfortable.  He moved to the bedroom and laid on the bed.  I asked him what he was wearing and he told me that he had on a diaper as he loved diapers and there was a reason he called while wearing the diapers. I asked him to share with me why he had the diapers […]
August 30, 2021
A Men With Adult Diaper

Taylor My Diaper Lover, Loves Diaper Sex

Taylor loves to do the dishes and various other chores in his diaper. He prefers Bambino but tends to also switch over to Rearz, every now and then.  What he loves about the diapers that he uses are the comfort factor, feeling like a baby and best of all, Taylor loves diaper sex.  When he is horny and he feels a burning between his legs, he will stick his hand in his diaper and proceed with jerking off his cock.  He would jerk off in his diaper multiple times a day. He would call it marathon masturbation and no matter how sore his penis would become from jerking off, he was addicted to the feeling of self stimulation so he would bypass the pain just for the pleasure.  His testicles would swell and become so […]