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October 24, 2016
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Mommy Phone Sex

Looking for a mommy will sissify you and make all your decisions? When it comes to mommy phone sex and sissy role play I love having complete control. Even though I am a loving mommy, you know mommy is always right don’t you. We can start out slow and move to bigger things. First, I want you to wear panties every day! Pretty pink silky sissy panties. Second I want to know all the things you do. Then we can decide what changes mommy wants to make for you. Then we can talk on the phone and you can tell me all about your day. I am always here for my sweet darlings. All my mommy phone sex sissies know mommy will always be there for them no matter what. We can play a bit […]
October 17, 2016
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Kinky ABDL Phone Sex

I just love my calls with my Adult Diaper Babies. Every call is different as I love to tailor each call to my special baby caller. I will do that for you during our Kinky ABDL Mommy Phone Sex call. Most of you babies do have one thing in common, you all just love this mommy’s big succulent milky titties. You love to snuggle them and suck from my big erect nipples. It makes me feel so hot and special when you suck on them and drink my special milk from them. I love to nurture you and fill up your tummy. Mommy is very oral and loved to use her mouth to make her special babies feel so so good. Mmmm. What happens next is up to you. Some of my babies like me […]
October 16, 2016
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Enema Time

Aww, what happened my little Adult Baby boy? You wanna be humiliated and have your abdl mommy give you an enema and force you to dress up all girly and make you go shopping with me? That sounds like a wonderful idea? Let’s go into the bathroom and take off that adult diaper. I am going to have you bend over the tub so I can get the nozzle in your tight behind! You feel the warm rush of liquid go inside of your bottom! Mmmm, you cry out! Now we are going to place a butt plug in there to hold the liquid  until I say you can mess your diaper! But I want you to mess it right when we are at the mall and the prettiest girl comes up and starts talking to you! […]
October 10, 2016
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Surprise Baby Girl!!

Now come here  to your Abdl mommy and get your present! Mommy bought it just for you! Look at the pretty wrapping paper! What could it be? Here you go, sweet Adult baby girl. I watch as she undoes the pink bow on top, followed by ripping the paper off the present. Then opens the box and pulls out 3 containers of wipes, a baby doll and some beautiful dresses along with match shoes, and bows! Which dress do you want mommy to put on you? The pink poofy one? Or the purple short poofy one? Purple it is sweet baby! So we walk to the room and I take off her nightgown and slide on her beautiful purple dress, and then I ask her to get on changing table so we can change her adult […]
June 26, 2016
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Will Suck Cock for Candy

Its date night and the kids are at grandma’s. Its time for our monthly abdl fun night. I decide to let you take control and be my abdl-daddy tonight. You give me a bath, put me in an abdl-diaper and put my blonde hair in pigtails with big pink bows. You tell me that I must have either my thumb or pacifier in my mouth at all times. You tell me that we’re going to do some abdl-roleplay and you play my creepy uncle. We’re sitting on the couch watching tv and you start rubbing your hand up and down my leg. You ask me if I want to have some candy and I nod my head yes. You tell me that I have to earn the candy and make my uncle happy. You tell […]
June 4, 2016
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Trouble Part 7

I felt my Adult Baby Girl tremble and watched her little bottom hole quiver as I barely touched the phallus shaped nozzle against her.  I told her to take a deep breath and began slowly inserting the penis Enema nozzle inside her and then pulling out and pushing deeper inside her only to pull back as if teasing her.  I heard her panting and if I didn’t know any better I would say she was enjoying this a little too much.  With more force I pushed deeper into her and heard her gasp as the head was buried inside her Adult Baby Bottom.  Once I had it secure I unloosened the clamp and felt the warm soapy water flow through the tube as she squealed saying how much it hurt and her insides were feeling all […]
May 28, 2016
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What Did You Do Little Missy!

Well, my Adult Baby Girl Alyssa and I are going to have a Come to Jesus talk very soon.  Mommy got her credit card statement in the mail today and it seems a certain someone has been going on Ebay and buying all sorts of outfits since she can never have enough and has been using my credit card to pay for them.  She knows she is not supposed to touch Mommy’s credit card since Mommy has to pay bills.  I had been wondering where all these packages from days on end were coming from that she would quickly grab and disappear with.  So she won’t be able to play with all you other Adult Babies for a bit since on top of getting a nice hard spanking over Mommy’s lap, she will be grounded […]
May 15, 2016
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Such A Busy Nursery

Wow, it has been busy here at the Adult Baby Nursery.  Many new Adult Baby Boys and Girls have been getting dropped off while their Mommies go shopping and we are more than happy to take care of each and every one.  We even brought in new Mommies to work in the Adult Baby Nursery so everyone should come and tell them hello when they have a chance.  Of course, my Adult Baby Girl Alyssa and my Adult Baby Boy Cammie have already given them such a warm welcome and have been on their best behavior this week.  When you come by you might want to be on your best behavior as well, since while we all joke around and can be very sweet, there is the more domineering side of us that won’t hesitate […]
May 8, 2016
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Happy Mother’s Day!

As a fellow abdl-mommy, I would like to say happy mother’s day to all the sexy milfs of Phone A Mommy! Mothers are unsung heroes. The job of a mommy is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs in the world. When our little abdls cry, we wipe away their tears and kiss their booboos. We give attention when needed, changing dirty stinky diapers and give pleasure when needed as well whether thats a lollipop to suck on or something else…When our little ones need someone to talk to, we are there listening with open ears, open mind and open heart. We breastfeed our little babies and stroke their hair as they look up with us with hopeful, longing eyes. We play games with our little babies in their play pen and even discipline them […]