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October 2, 2021
Diaper Girl Hot Look

Aunt Brenda’s Hot and Sexy Phone Sex Session With ABDL Brennon

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Brennon called me for the first time on the phoneamommy sex hotline and he was obviously very nervous.  He had a plethora of fantasies and fetishes that he wanted to talk to me about and he was rather ashamed of them.  I made him tell me where he was in his home and he told me that he was in the kitchen and I told him to move to a room where he would be more comfortable.  He moved to the bedroom and laid on the bed.  I asked him what he was wearing and he told me that he had on a diaper as he loved diapers and there was a reason he called while wearing the diapers. I asked him to share with me why he had the diapers […]
September 25, 2021
Adult Diaper Therapy

Some Much Needed Fun

    Are you in need of a little diaper therapy?  I just love diapers myself, and I bet you will too.  We could have a little play date and get back to the basics.  Mommy can strip us naked, lay us down and then put us in a cute snug diaper.  We can crawl around and play in the nursery and with our diapers on we don’t have to worry about anything.  Diapers are meant to be used. There’s nothing better than the feel of warm pee filling your diaper.  It feels so good when I peepee in my diapee.  Makes my whole body relax, all tension, all stress just seems to disappear with the flow of pee.  Talk about washing away the tediousness of adult life.  Ahhhhhh…. At the phoneamommy mom hotline, there […]
September 25, 2021
Adult Girl Shows Hot Boobs

Call Baby Stacey For Some Yummy Fun

Call me, Baby Stacey and let’s have so much fun playing.  Mommy won’t mind if we get a little naughty, I promise.  We can talk about anything with no repercussions.  Any and all fetishes are welcome, so don’t feel nervous about your kinky desires.  I would love to hear all about what gets you excited. So pick up that phone and call right away, the sooner we get started the more fun we will have.  And mommy just loves watching us play together.  Especially when we touch each other and make one another moan in pleasure.  I just love playing with your hard peepee as you slide your hand into my diaper. At phoneamommy there’s more than just mommies to enjoy.  Us diaper girls like to get nasty and sticky also.  And I like it […]
September 20, 2021
abdl boy in diaper

Amanda Puts Dylan Under Her Hypnotic Spell

Adult Baby Diaper Lover Dylan loves to be babied because it makes him feel really good. He wants to be rocked back and forth and sung to and he wants to be sweetly cuddled, every time I see him.  It got so bad that his need to be held and comforted haunted him so much at his day job that he actually walked away from his job because he just could not get the feeling of being in my comforting arms.  I would sing sweet songs in his ears, the melodies of lullabies that he heard as a child.  Infantilism is definitely what makes him feel complete and I make sure to satisfy all of his needs. He loves to give up all responsibility and have me take full control (and this is the main […]
September 20, 2021

Mommy Amanda Loves Diaper Play

  I am Mommy Amanda and I want you to be the baby that I will play with and I will make sure that you smile, much more than while.  I love all of my babies!  My babies complete me!  I am here as the mommy that will pamper you, protect you and love you. Whether you are a newbie adult baby diaper lover or if you are seasoned, it really does not matter to me as long as I take you and hold you close to me and never let you go. You are mine and when I take you under my wings I am going to make sure that you are well taken care of. I will wear a diaper and you will too and we will play games with each other.  Whether […]
September 20, 2021
Adult Shows His Hot Look

Adam The ABDL Doesn’t Want To Hide His Diapers Anymore

I am diaper boy Adam and I love my diapers so much.  I don’t like the fact that I have had to hide my love for diapers for a long time because of how I felt that people would treat me if they found out how much I Iove diapers.  I just can’t get enough of them and I really believe that they complete me. I am nothing much at all until I put on my diapers and that is when I become and remain my true self. I have been dealing with this fetish for years and I always did it in secret so no one would know.  I think some people suspected that I wear diapers because there was a day where I wore my crinkly diapers to work and people figured it […]
September 18, 2021
Mommy's Hot Dry Pussy

Call Mommy Candy For Very Good Time

    Ready for some mom phone sex?  Ready to have Mommy Candy strip you, diaper you and play with you?  Mmmm I hope so, because mommy is definitely ready for her little one.  Mommy just loves playing and mommy definitely loves to make her little ones sticky with cummies for mommy. And if mommy senses any hesitation on your part, mommy always has the option of a little phone sex hypnosis to help you come around.  Oohhh and the things I can make you do while I have you under my control are endless.  Mommy will be able to make you act anyway she wants, mommy will be able to dress you as she pleases and mommy will have total control over everything you do. Mommy Candy is an abdl mom but that’s not […]
September 13, 2021
An Adult Nude Dick

Lathan – Aunt Brenda’s Nephew & Friends Get Fucked With Strap-Ons

Lathan is my young and handsome nephew and I have been molesting him for years. In the beginning, he was hesitant as I am his aunt, but deep down inside I knew that this was something that he always wanted. He confirmed this as he told me that he always wanted me but he was too shy and embarrassed to tell me. Eventually he came around to becoming comfortable and let his hair down and today we freely both engage in sex talk, sex acts – whether deviant or so called “normal”  that is so erotic and hot. It is one of the things that he looks forward to when he visits me, and with me he knows that there are no limitations to what topics we discuss or participate in. As my only nephew, […]
September 13, 2021
A Hot Nude Lesbian

Scarlet Penetrates Her ABDL Girl Vaginally and Anally

It is always great to cuddle up with some hot tea by the fireplace and have some sex talk with my abdl girl and the topic is usually girls in diapers.  She always wants to know how she got the way that she is today.  The conversation is not for her to feel guilt or shame, but rather for her to understand that she is excepted just the way she is. I want her to feel comfortable talking to me and asking me everything that comes to her mind.  It is a safe place when she is with me and there is no need for her to be anxious or worry.  As my mouth has been warmed by the tea, I reach over to kiss her sweetly and gently on her luscious lips. They tasted […]