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August 28, 2021
Diaper Girl Strapped Down To Bed With An Electronic Dildo In Her

I Just Love When Mommy Takes Control

    As a diaper girl, I just love being a good baby for mommy and doing as she wants.  Mommy is always prepared for every situation, even those few times I misbehave.  A bit of abdl bdsm reminds me my place and how a good baby girl should act.  And truth be told, I enjoy when mommy ties me up and disciplines me mmmm. Baby Stacey is my name and being an adult baby is my claim… to fame lol.  I love diapers and everything about them.  Mommy takes such good care of me and with diaper therapy, I enjoy and use my diapers like a good little girl.  I just love the crinkle of the diaper when I crawl around my nursery, it makes me smile so big. Mommy says a good adult […]
August 23, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Hot Look With Nude Tiny Boobs

London’s Diaper Girl Malia Has A Wet Young Cunt

Malia was a true diaper girl, she always knew this and she knew that it is was never going to change.  She discovered diapers when she was younger of course and she got an affinity to them and she knew that she was never going to be without them for the rest of her life and they will always be a part of her.  When she got her menstrual cycle – when most wore pads, she would wear diapers.  She loved them all! The touch, the feel, the look and the smell and for some of the crinkly ones – she also loved the sound that they would make. Wearing diapers and loving it so much is what makes her a true adult baby diaper lover. For her, it is more than a fetish, it […]
August 22, 2021

Come Explore Your Age Regression Side!

Are you looking for a little fun with no limits? Would you like to embrace your fetishes with someone who will not judge you? At Phone A Mommy nothing is off limits and no fetishes are taboo. There are a multitude of mommies, diaper girls, and women that are just waiting to take care of you and all your naughty needs. All fetishes are welcome here and there is no shortage of willing participants. Let us whisk you away from that drab reality for a bit and take you into a wonderland of fantasy and let our imaginations run wild. You can call and talk about anything or just call and let mommy make you cum nice and hard. This mommy likes it all, I’m extremely sexual and very open minded. Mommy Candy will make […]
August 21, 2021
Mommy's Daughter Remove Her Dress And Shows Her Nude Pic

Let Mommy Candy Take Care Of You

    Mommy Candy is an abdl mom that likes it all.  Mommy will take very good care of you.  Each and every one of your needs will be catered to.  All fetishes are welcome at Phone A Mommy, so don’t be nervous about sharing what gets you excited, about what turns you on or about your darkest deepest secrets and desires. Do you have a breastfeeding fetish?  Do you want to be cradled in mommy’s lap to nurse?  Mommy Candy hopes so… Mommy’s heavy full boobies are needing to be nuzzled and sucked on, and mommy would love to rub her hard dripping nipple against your cute little mouth.  Open your lips and pull mommy’s nipple between your teeth.  Mmmm now close those lips and start sucking.  Feel mommy’s warm sweet milk squirt into […]
August 19, 2021
Mommy's Sexy Hot Look

Aunt Brenda The Sexy MILF (BLOG/VIDEO)

I am Aunt Brenda and I am a sexy MILF. Whatever you need, I will make sure that it is provided.  Whether you need and Auntie to take you by the hand and guide you or an Auntie to discipline you, the way I know that you need to be disciplined when you are bad – I will take are of it.  Don’t think that you will escape being naughty without being punished because nothing goes past my eyes.  I am sweet as can be when it is necessary, but that is not the only side that there is to me.  Treat me well and I will reward you with all the sweetness that will fill your heart to contentment. But if you show me your sour side, get ready to surrender that behind.  You […]
August 16, 2021
Happy ABDL Baby Sucking On Mommies Titty

Stepmommy Tawny’s Sweet Stepson Sucks, Fucks, Licks and Sticks Her

  I enjoy rough, sexy, aggressive and long incest phone sex with my stepson and I make sure that we do it long enough so that his meaty and thick dick is always sore when I am done with him.  I want to make sure that he feels some level of soreness that lasts a few days so he will remember me, his step mommy Tawny every single time that he uses his hand to touch his dick.  And, a beautiful dick is what he has – so pretty and long with a beautiful mushroom head. The way that it just glides in and out of my sweet cunt is paradise. I love the way that my stepson gets to feel when we play, not just any way but – the way that I enjoy […]
August 16, 2021

Worship Your Mistress Scarlet And Do It Now

Sissies, Submissive, Babies and Bitches – You have a duty – an obligation and that is to worship me, Mistress Scarlet. Let’s be real about this – you were meant to follow and not to lead.  You have to follow me as you don’t know the way that you ought to go.  You don’t even know who you are, so I am the one that has to teach you on the path that you have to go. But, don’t think that you are going on that path clothed, for you need to appear naked and vulnerable before me.  If I choose to, I will diaper you – but that it all up to me.  Until then, hold it all in until you feel like your bladder is going to burst and then I will see […]
August 16, 2021
Young Guy With A Hard Dick Holding His Balls

Six Wanted Hot and Erotic Phone Sex From Mommy Scarlet

Six wanted hot and erotic phone sex from me, his Mommy Scarlet because he knows that when we engage in phone sex it is the best mom fuck that Six can get when he and I are on the phone. When I talk to him when he is at work and he get stressed out – talking to me is what he needs to de-stress and feel good. I love it when he tells me that he closes the fancy white blinds in his glass windows office so no one can see and then he locks the door.  He tells his assistant to hold all of his calls so he can get that personal attention that he needs from me. I tell him to pull up on his phone various sexy sites to get his […]
August 16, 2021

Step Mommy Tawny Is Here For Incest Role Play

I am Tawny and I am a step mommy that is here to play with you in the sexiest way.  I will role play with you with incest play and we can do all of the naughtiest things when daddy leaves town.  Let’s just play with each other when he is gone and I know that you will show me that you are a better fuck than him.  The way that you will bend me over the bed on the side that he sleeps on and take me from behind, really turns me on. The way that you will fuck me in each orifice is what I want us to do.  Give it to me in my mouth and I will make sure that I lick it long and watch it get hard. I want […]