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March 10, 2021
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Switching With My Stepson

My handsome, sweet and very sexy stepson and I always have so much sexual fun.  When we have our fun there are no rules.  I love to play with him because we get to explore our deepest desires in the privacy of our own home.  Whenever we have the time we make sure that we don’t waste it but we put it to good use. Yesterday we played like we never ever did before.  Usually I am always the one that is on top and my step son is on the bottom and I make him do all sorts of naughty and nasty things with me and it pleasures us both.  But for the first time ever I decided to switch it up, literally. I gave him permission to take the lead and to be […]
March 9, 2021
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Sweet and Sexy Shelinda Loves To Play

How fortunate I am to play with Shelinda, a fun blonde who just graduated college. I met her while she was at a career fair and I remember I took her resume and it just sat on my shelf ever since. I ran into her in town at a boutique beauty shop and she remembered me, which was surprising as I had forgotten about her. I told her that I did not get back to her regarding the then position because I do not work at that company anymore. She told me that it is okay, because she is between jobs at the moment because she just graduated college. I congratulated her and she asked what I did now as a profession and I told her that I am a dommy mommy. Her eyes lit […]
March 2, 2021
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My Boyfriend – My Sweet ABDL Baby

I know what is best for my boyfriend because of my intuition as an abdl mommy, I always know what he needs.  Too often he is stressed from running a company with a vast amount of employees and being in charge all day – though it is lucrative has its stresses.  It calms him when he comes home to me and wait for me to direct him on what he should do to unwind. This is where I take the lead and impart forced age regression because I know that it is exactly what he needs in order to be comforted.  He pretends to put up a fuss and act like he is hard to get but I can see his cock grow by the increasing bulge in his pants and I take full control […]
February 28, 2021
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Aunt Brenda’s Dirtiest Babies!

I would say that it’s fairly well-known that babies of all sizes, from the littlest to the biggest, can get more than a bit messy at times. Adult babies can get to be worse than others when it comes to messes, though, that is for sure! Little babies make messes because they don’t know any better, while adult babies make them even though they are being naughty. The misbehaving, mess-making babies enjoy being bad babies, even though they know that a spanking is usually going to follow their dirty fun. But did you know that there are some that like to go that extra mile, that like to get even filthier than most babies? Covering themselves with permanent marker or deciding to dig in all the house plant containers for treasure is not enough for […]
February 22, 2021
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I Want You To Eat Your Own Shit

You called me anxious as you just got home, drenched and soaked from the intense downpour of torrential rain that poured on you as you left work.  You took your clothes off and remained in your undies and noticed that there was a slew of tire tracks inside.  It had happened again – your gaping asshole was still leaking runny shit ever since I had you fist fuck yourself for the first time last night. Your mind now begins to travel and you worry that maybe this was there all day while you were at work and your colleagues may have noticed something.  You go into an intense panic concerned that you may be laid off from your job and in this pandemic you just cannot afford to fuck things up at work.  I calm […]
February 18, 2021
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My Stepson Cums In Me

“Step mommy loves you so very much, Sweetheart,” is what I whispered in my stepson’s ear as I raised my sweet pussy up from his cock that was soaked in a mixture of my cum and his.  He was so happy to role play with me today as he has an age regression fetish that he wanted to explore for a very long time. I was so happy when he confided in me his deepest and darkest fantasies and I was so anxious to explore them.  It was so natural for him to go back in time and engage in abdl age regression that it makes me feel that his cock was simply – just meant for my pussy. I am the only one that he trusts with this secret, this love affair that we […]
February 15, 2021
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Backflip Bill Gets Butt Fucked

  It has always been a fantasy of mine to fuck a gymnast so I was pleased when a friend introduced me to one name Bill.  He was of an athletic build and because he did amazing backflips, his nickname by many was “Backflip Bill.” He liked to show off where ever he went whenever he had an audience as he knew that very few people were able to do the things that he did.  I invited him over to my house and showed him my home gym which was a hardwood floor with a high ceiling and it was spacious and broad. He was in his glee as he was able to show off his skills and talents as a gymnast and I just watched him. I already knew in my mind how the […]
February 7, 2021
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Mommy Tawny Takes Diaper Lover Jack Shopping

Jack was going to go shopping with his mommy today. She came into the abdl nursery to change him from the diapers that  he slept in the night before and she dressed him up in his diaper and t-shirt.  He waited to see if mommy was going to put a pair of pants on him, but she left him as is. He had a diaper fetish and his diaper was just what he needed. Mommy Tawny told him that he may look like an adult from the outside but he really was just a baby on the inside and she was going to make sure that he will always wear diapers for the rest of his life. As they arrived at the store a plethora of people were staring and pointing at Jack. The ogling […]
February 7, 2021
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Hank’s Diagnosis: Diapers Are Forever

Hank and I have just started living together and things were going quite well. Well, except for the fact that every single time we try to get intimate he would run to the bathroom and after a few minutes he would return to the bedroom with a robe. I asked him about it and he stated that he just wanted to be nice and fresh for me.  I told him it is not just that “freshening up” that I think about, another issue is that he never let’s me touch his dick through his overly sized pants. He never wore pants that were his size, they were a size or two bigger and in this modern day vain world that we live in, mostly everyone wants to be thin – no one wants to wear […]