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July 10, 2022
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Amanda Gives Her Sub A Pissy Drink From Her Pussy

Amanda Gives Her Sub A Pissy Drink From Her Pussy: I like to change it up every now and then and surprise my adult baby diaper lovers. It is good to keep things fresh so that our role-playing does not become dry, stale, and boring. One of the things that I enjoy doing is engaging in the world of bdsm sex, where this bdsm lifestyle is on the side of what others call kink bdsm. Yes, I am a very loving and nurturing mommy, and that is totally fine, but there are days where I want to be the mommy that is dommy and make sure that I have a freaky fucking time with my abdls. Last night, for example, was one of those wild rides where I blindfolded one of my kids and he […]
July 10, 2022
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Amanda’s Diaper Lover Devon Is Incest Obsessed

Amanda’s Diaper Lover Devon Is Incest Obsessed: My diaper lover, Devon, is so obsessed with incest that he cannot get out of bed to start his day unless he calls me on the phone as soon as he wakes up in order for us to have incest phone sex; this is the type of mommy roleplay that really gets his cocky rocking. He so needs to be the naughty son that stays home with mama while dad goes off to work, only to have me come to his room and he pretends to be sick, so he can ask me to make it all better again. Whenever I hear Devon whine and pretend to cry, I usually know what is coming next, and it is a complaint that his body hurts, but not his entire […]
July 10, 2022

You Belong To Mommy Now

  You Belong To Mommy Now: Your diaper fetish will make you mine. Your desire to be diapered and babied will lead you to my nursery and straight into my arms. Mommy will strip you naked and get you into a cute little diaper. And then the real fun starts. Through ageplay, you will become my little diapered baby to do with as I please. And mommy will make sure you enjoy every bit of it. Even the diaper humiliation part of it. You will look so cute in your diapers; mommy will have to show you off, of course. And mommy knows how much you love being a diapered baby and how excited you get in your diapers. So, mommy will allow you to play with mommy’s permission. And definitely no cuddling in your […]
July 3, 2022
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Brenda’s Diaper Fetish ABDL Dell

Brenda’s Diaper Fetish ABDL Dell: Dell is such a horny little ABDL; if it is not one thing that turns him on, it is also another. His diaper fetish began a few years ago, when he was in college, during an experiment in which he decided to go a day as an abdl.He indulged himself in abdl videos, abdl clothes, and abdl stories, and then he realized that the one-day experiment had just continued for years. He never told his college roommate anything at the time, and he also never told his girlfriend; he has kept this secret all this time until he decided that he needed to tell someone about it, and he told me. He knew that he could trust me to lead and guide him along his journey as an adult baby […]
July 3, 2022
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Playing With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked

Playing With Aunt Brenda Will Get You Hooked: I am Aunt Brenda, and I am the one that you need to call so we can have some erotica about sex. It does not matter if you are an abdl boy, an abdl girl, a sissy in diapers, or boys or girls in diapers; once you try Aunt Brenda, you will never go back. If I want to toss you on my bed so that I am facing your back while you are on your knees, I will make sure that you keep your eyes closed and not turn your head around. I will be very quiet when I choose to, and I won’t make a sound when I retrieve a feather that will be used to slightly tickle you underneath your shaved and saggy balls. […]
July 3, 2022

Mommy Will Take Good Care of You

Mommy Will Take Good Care of You: Through ABD hypnosis, mommy will make you her sweet little diaper baby. You will regress back to being a helpless baby that needs mommy’s care and full attention. Mommy will bathe you and lay you down so you can be lotioned, powdered, and diapered. Abdl Mommy Candy just loves her little adult baby. You will be taken very good care of. Mommy will hold you and rock you; mommy will nurse you and snuggle you. Mommy will check that little diapered booty often to see if the baby has filled their cute little diaper. As mommy pats your back and coos to you, you will suck on mommy’s nipple, filling that little belly up so you can fill your little diaper up. Mommy just loves to watch you […]
June 27, 2022
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Amanda’s ABDL Chat Turns On Tracy

Amanda’s ABDL Chat Turns On Tracy: Everyone has gifts that they are really great at, and one of the gifts that I happen to rock at is abdl chat. Don’t you dare question me about it, as I know what an abdl likes, wants, and needs, and the answer is me? A diaper lover needs more than just a diaper to be turned on; he or she needs to have the right mommy to tell them what to do. You just can’t get into a car and drive properly without a license, and that is the same concept when it comes to me. I will teach you how to drive in the bedroom, and when it is time to slow down and accelerate, it is me that will tell you when to speed up. That […]
June 26, 2022

Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?: Are you a diaper lover? Do you have a diaper fetish? Are you an ab/dl? Me too!  I just love everything to do with diapers, and I love doing everything while wearing diapers. Do you want to play with me and my diapers? We would have so much fun. Diapers are the best. I just love wearing and using my diapers. It gets so warm and squishy and feels so good against my body. It makes my pussy get excited and wets my diaper more than pee does. I love sitting and bouncing in my dirty diaper, and diapers are meant to be filled. We could both fill our diapers and then take turns changing and cleaning each other. I will take my time cleaning you all up and rubbing the baby powder […]
June 26, 2022

Sexy Fun with My Littles

Sexy Fun with My Littles: Mommy adores having abdl sex with her adorable abie.Whether mommy is just watching while you guys play or if she joins in, mommy’s pussycat always gets very wet. So just lay back and enjoy it all! With diaper bondage, mommy can diaper you and then make you fill that diaper up with more than just potty. You will be wiggling and moaning and making a creamy mess in your diaper. And if you’re a good little one, mommy will make sure you experience the ultimate pleasure. Mommy sees how you two keep sneaking peeks at each other’s diapers. And mommy has seen those sneaky touches quite a few times. A discreet rub to the diaper when you thought no one was looking. Naughty babies! Mommy will have you begging for […]