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February 6, 2021
Mommy's scolding that boy to behave like this

Naughty Boys Become Mommy’s Diaper Boys

    Once again mommy catches you acting like a bad boy.  Now what did mommy tell you would happen the next time you misbehaved? Hmmm… Mommy expected this from you, so mommy is already prepared with an outfit just for you.  Since you want to act like a little baby and be a brat, mommy has the perfect punishment for you all picked out. Mommy grabs your arm and stands you in the middle of the room.  Then mommy makes you stand still as she slowly undresses you of all your big boy clothes.  Telling you, since you don’t want to act like a big boy, mommy has something else in mind. Once mommy has you completely undressed and standing naked in front of her, she turns you towards the big mirror in the […]
January 31, 2021
Sexy nude Kissing women in neck hot

Mommy’s Cunt Is The Only Cunt That You Will Ever Want

I love being a hot MILF to my abdl son. He needs me as his abdl mommy because I tease him so much. I love having fun with him in my own special way.  As we sit here lounging on the deck in my backyard, I purposely wore a see-through tank top and a short skirt and I will bend over so he could have a peek of my sweet goodness underneath.  I see his eyes strain to look up under my skirt and I slowly stand up straight so that his view was limited. I hear him as he mumbles little expletives under his breath and I pretend not to notice.  He wants me so baldly that is hurts.  I offer him some lemonade to drink and I purposely spilled some of it on […]
January 24, 2021
Girl Bondage Hole Open Mouth Leather Head Harness

Scarlet’s Submissive Secretary

After a few minutes of ABDL chat and signing a lengthy non-disclosure agreement for me for my job posting for a secretary, Catherina started her role working for me.  I picked her for the role because she was delicate, soft spoken, cute and submissive.  She was desperate for a position and stated that she would do anything for the job and I made sure to take full advantage of her situation. She had no family or friends in her life which means that she would avail herself to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long.  This is exactly the type of girl that I have been looking for. I told her that it was a non-conventional position and she was aware and knew what she signed up for. There was […]
January 23, 2021
Hot Sexy Boy Putting the pant

Aunt Brenda’s ABDL Boy Toy

I have a new hot gardener as my previous one retired from the landscaping company that I used for years and he moved to another state. This new gardener showed up this morning as discussed the night before on the phone with his boss. He was on-time, bright and early and began doing the necessary work on my lawn. I watched him from my kitchen and saw him working so hard and he took off his shirt when he began to get so sweaty. The weather was brisk, yet it was not fully cold and he was still full of tiny sweaty clear droplets that just danced all the way down his young, tight and toned body.  Every time he picked up a shovel and dug into the ground his young body flexed and released […]
January 22, 2021
A handsome guy is licking his girlfriend's hard nipples

Shhh No One Will Know

  It’s okay, no one will find out…I promise. The last few weeks have been nothing but incest chat and now I think it’s time to take it to the next level.  Mom and Dad will never find out, it will be our little secret. I come into your room and softly close the door behind me.  You look so cute curled up on your side sleeping.  For the last couple of weeks all I can think about is stripping you naked and “dressing” you up.  I make my way quietly to your bedside, pulling the blankets off you and letting them fall to the floor. Mmmm wearing nothing but your tighty whiteys, very nice.  Makes this so much easier.  I roll you tenderly over, watching your chest rise and fall with each deep breath.  […]
January 18, 2021
Young sexy hot couple in hugging and kissing

Tawny’s Incest Phone Sex Play

I know that you are extremely hot, horny and wet and you have a lot of naughty games that you want us to play, so don’t be embarrassed or shy and let us get our fun on right away. If you want us to talk about incest chat we can engage in that quite freely with no limitations or hesitations. I am more than happy to take on the role of your older sister and you will be my younger brother and I will be one in charge when our parents leave the house to go to work.  I will be the one expected to take care of you all day while we are home alone with each other for hours. I will make sure to have fun touching and exploring various parts of your […]
January 16, 2021
beautiful diaper Girl Showing Her naked white diaper

Aunty Brenda Nurtures Me

It was such a treat to have a sweet adult baby diaper lover girl come to me to be taken care of just the way that I know how to treat her right.  She used to be a ddlg and she always felt that there was a void, something that was missing when she was taken care of by a daddy. She did her research and  discovered me on the internet when she decided to look for an aunty, before she decided to call phone a mommy and with our new dominant and submissive relationship she found out that that I have the nurturing side that she will need in order for her to feel complete. As an avid bed wetter, she told me that she was punished severely in the past when she would […]
January 10, 2021
Man wearing the dirty urine wet diaper

Aunt Brenda Takes Care Of A Sneaky Baby (part 1)

Connor couldn’t help but feel ridiculous as he peaked out of his window as discreetly as he could, just the side of his head and one eyeball showing as he leaned over from the side… he even had the kitchen light off, so it was harder to see him! As silly as he felt, he would be even more embarrassed if anyone caught him staring at his neighbor’s laundry out on the lines.  One row was nearly full of cute panties and bras, and that really should have been what his attention was on. Brenda was a pretty woman, and he knew she was probably sexy as hell in those frilly things, but what he couldn’t look away from was the line full of cloth diapers and plastic diaper covers, all of them adult sized. […]
January 9, 2021
Amazing couple is having sex in a hot bath massaging their bodies

A Little Tawny “Medicine” Always Does The Trick

My ABDL boy is not feeling well and he is so miserable and sad.  He has been running a fever all night and he has been sweating all through the night.  I need to take care of my baby, he needs my nurturing and sweet love.  There is no sweeter love than the love of Mommy Tawny. I decided to take him into the shower with me so he could be washed clean in a cool shower to have his body be cooled down.  As I turned on the shower it splashed on both of our bodies and I lathered his back up, his arms, his stomach and his genitals.  I told myself that it is best to take my time on his penis and his balls so I rubbed the soap suds into it […]