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September 20, 2020
Mommy's Lil Princes Giving The Funniest Pic

Lazy Day For A Baby

Tim sat cross-legged in his playpen, stacking his wooden blocks into towers and blocks to get ready for his cuddly teddy bear to come rampaging through and knocking them all down. Once he was bored with that, he laid down on his back and kicked his feet up, still playing with his teddy bear and playing with his toesy-woesy’s as he listened to his Aunt Brenda fussing about in the kitchen getting lunch ready. Her soft humming relaxed him so much that he started nodding off, rolling over onto his side to curl up and suck on his thumb. Tim drifted into that comfy half dosing state, lovely dreams of playing with his toys with Aunt Brenda dancing through his head. He was startled awake for a few seconds when he could feel the back […]
September 20, 2020
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Stepmom Seduces ABDL Son

Tawny woke up early one Sunday morning and yawned, arching her back in a stretch like a cat. Today was an exciting day indeed! It was her birthday. How old? Well a lady never tells… Getting up out of bed, she decided that a nice hot shower would be a great way to wake up and get her blood flowing that morning. She turned the shower on nice and hot and stripped free of her clothing, letting it fall into a small pile at her feet. She reached a hand into the stream of water and waited until it was nice and warm and then smiling to herself, she stepped into the shower. Grabbing the shampoo, Tawny squirted a glob into her hand and leaned her head back into the water. Hotter! She grabbed the […]
September 13, 2020
Mommy's Cute Girl Sucking The Milk From feeding Bottle

Feeding the Hungry Babies

Aww, hi sweetie pie! Aren’t you just precious? Is that your little tummy that I can hear rumbling from all the way over here? And you are here all by yourself? What a shame… Well it sure is a good thing that this ABDL Mommy came along when I did and found you here sitting by your lonesome. In case you had not already noticed, which I am sure you have, I have a nice big soft pair of tits perfect for a baby to get some nourishment from. Why don’t you come on back to my nursery with me? It is fully stocked with everything that you could ever want and more, and I have a nice comfy rocking chair where you can sit on my lap and this MILF can make sure your […]
September 13, 2020
Tearful Spanking and Diapering Anime

Poor Little Sissy Baby Gets Humiliated!

Greg watched with trepidation as his Auntie Brenda pulled up to one of her favorite dress salons. He didn’t want to go in there, all the ladies would laugh at him! It had been horrible enough just driving to here in her convertible with the top down so that all the vehicles could clearly see him and what she had made him wear for this outing. All he could do was blush in humiliation as the people that passed them stared at him in his baby bonnet, crop top, thigh high stockings, and thick abdl diaper. Some just stared while others took pictures on their phones as they laughed at him… some truckers even honked at him! He wanted to tell Aunt Brenda that she was mean and nasty for doing this to him, but […]
September 6, 2020
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Pinching Those Pathetic Little Peepees!

Oh my goodness… I can’t recall in all of my years taking care of ABDLs ever having seen a little tiny peepee that is sooo pathetically tiny before! I can’t believe that your father did not warn me about this thing before I agreed to marry him and help to take care of you… What am I supposed to do with this tiny thing? Laugh? That is a given… I can hardly control myself when I open up your adult baby diaper and that tiny little speck is staring back at me. Well, at least you will never be able to forget what a sissy baby that you are… After all, how could you possibly forget when you have that useless little cock stuck between your legs? No woman would ever be able to do […]
September 6, 2020
A mommy's diaper girl sucking the hot nipples

Mommy Candy’s Little ABDL Loves

Hi babies! My ABDL nursery has been just bursting at the seams lately with the new arrival of so many adult baby and diaper lover cuties who are in such desperate need of a real mommy to take care of them! Although with each and every new baby that I take on, it does mean more work and responsibility for this mommy, I can never say no to a baby in need! I will always make sure that I find a way to make room for any sweet little one who is wandering around trying to make it through this big huge world without the guidance of a loving mommy to help them through every day. I can’t imagine how scary and frustrating that must be for those poor little ones. That is why I […]
September 5, 2020
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Teasing Naughty Little Johnathan’s Tiny Little Pee Pee

My ABDL Stacey boy Little Johnathan was such a horror all week and I decided on the perfect way to teach him a well deserved lesson. I figured out that he was so enamored with being spanked that he would enjoy being naughty in order to cause a punishment with an abdl spanking, but today – I switched things up on him. His face became so flushed and embarrassed when I entered his room with my closest girlfriends and announced to him that I will be changing his wet diaper in front of them.  There was no prior knowledge of this information given to him so he was taken aback by this surprise. He always felt so insecure about his genitals that the thought of others seeing how small he is caused him much distress […]
August 30, 2020
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Spankings For All That Need Them

Adult babies and diaper lovers get up to naughty things sometimes, for sure, and need to be punished for what they get up to. Talking over the phone to my charges makes it rather difficult to personally apply the necessary discipline that they need, though, so some guided instructions are required in these situations. Getting self-spanked can be an effective encouragement to behave and is cathartic for some. Bare-handed doesn’t work all that well, long paddles, crops, and especially leather belts are perfect for this, you really need something with some length to it. Wooden spoons work as well, but they aren’t my favorite, that spot will always be the leather belt. The range of force you can apply behind it is greater and the sting of it is always a good thing when getting […]
August 30, 2020
A boy wearing the dirty wet diaper with standing

Smelly, Saggy ABDL Diapers

Listen up you naughty ABDLs! I am a loving a typically patient mommy, but you all are getting so bad about not letting mommy know when you need a diaper change, if I am running around taking care of things around the house. Now, I pride myself on how much attention that I pay to my little ones, and I have a pretty good sense for smelling those full diapers, but sometimes when I am doing laundry while my adult baby is playing in the nursery and they make a big poopy mess, it may be a few minutes before mommy comes by again. When I see my little ones waddling around the nursery like nothing is the matter, and I catch sight of how full that adult baby diaper is swinging between their legs, […]