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October 4, 2020
Adult Diaper girl sleeping on her mom lap

Naughty Nap Time

The most common question I get asked is “why?” when people find out I’m an ABDL Stacey . The first thing I always explain is that ABDL Stacey and the accompanying age play does not involve actual minors. It’s a special, trusting relationship built between two consenting adults. I certainly enjoy humiliating my sissies and being a strict ABDL Stacey, but I also really like being a sweet and gentle mommy. All babies have different needs, so I try to be versatile. I’m aware that this particular kink can be difficult to share, so I don’t want anyone to waste that trust building if I’m not able to deliver their fantasy. There are many ways to strengthen the bond between ABDL. My personal favorite is cuddling. Just imagine we’ve been playing all day.  Mommy Crissy […]
October 1, 2020
Adult Baby Diaper wearing the hot baby diaper

Silly Baby Got Caught!

Awareness came slowly to Ronnie, sunlight glancing through his eyelids as he rolled over on his back to find that sweet spot that would let him go back to sleep. His skin encountering a cold, wet spot ruined that, though, and he jerked up in panic. He peed himself in his sleep again! In a flurry of motion he snatched his sheets off the bed, threw them into the washing machine, exchanged the puppy training pad he’d started laying on top of the mattress for a clean one, and got himself cleaned up and dressed. He was heading for the bathroom, quiet as possible when Aunt Brenda stepped out of her room, and even though he was sure she didn’t know anything, he still froze for a second. He figured she would say something about […]
September 28, 2020
abdl humiliation adult baby

Diaper Change In Front Of Everyone!

Craig frantically rummaged through his backpack, horrified to realize that he had forgotten to pack his extra diapers this morning! His wet diaper was close to sagging and it felt like if he pressed his thighs too close together that it would start to leak. He scurried out of the grocery store bathroom and made a straight line for the diaper aisle, hoping that he could find some  that would fit him, at least well enough for him to get home before anything bad happened. He nearly had a brand picked out when he heard some giggling close by and looked out the corner of his eye to see two pretty young ladies whispering to each other while they looked at him. Were they staring at his pants? Was his diaper bulging out that much? […]
September 27, 2020
Sexy man wearing the girl dress with Standing

Mommy Candy’s Sissy Babies

I have been doing some thinking during this past week, and I just really felt like the sissy babies out there deserved some extra love this week. Being an ABDL is unique enough, but many people, especially if they are outsiders looking in to our lifestyle, seem to neglect the sissy side of the lifestyle. I wish that these little sweeties got more attention than they do, and I wish that more people were aware that such precious little people exist out there! A hot milf like me gets to take care of so many different types of little ones, each and every one of them are special and different! The personalities that come in such a small package are so large! All of them have their own preferences and favorites, and it is a […]
September 26, 2020
Abdl diaper domination adult baby diaper lover sissy

Diaper Domination with Stepmom Tawny

There are a few different terms that either get an ABDLs heart racing, or get them fearing for what is to come… One of those terms is “diaper domination“. There is such a great divide between the two different emotions that well up when a baby hears that term. For many, it brings about visions of being bent over their mommy’s knee, having that diaper yanked down to their ankles and being spanked over and over again nice and hard until their butt cheeks are bright red and hot to the touch! And what is the reason behind the sudden and swift spanking? Well only the adult baby getting the spanking knows the answer to that! Another form of strict diaper domination is to really try and push the limits of the diapers and the […]
September 26, 2020
Mommy's Adult Girl Sucking The baby plastic Nipple

Your First Time in the ABDL Community?

There comes a time in every potential ABDLs life in which they finally realize just who they are inside… It can be hard for some babies to come to terms with  these new and confusing thoughts that they are having, especially if they do not have someone in their life that they feel like they can confide in and talk to about this. Sometimes this realization is unexpectedly scary for an adult baby or diaper lover who is new to the lifestyle and all that it has to offer. If you are a brand new baby who is completely new to the lifestyle, this can be incredibly overwhelming. Lucky for you, you could not have stumbled upon a more perfect place to learn and grow into your new adult baby lifestyle! There are plenty of […]
September 26, 2020
Father putting Diaper On his small boy

Diaper Changing Stepmom Teaches Daddy About ABDLs

I will never forget the first time I met your daddy. He was so handsome and suave, he just swept me right off of my feet and caught me completely off guard the moment he opened his mouth to speak to me. It was really something, that feeling of excitement and even anxiety knowing that you just so happened to have gotten lucky enough to stumble upon someone that you instantly realize that you want to get to know. We had plenty of fun going out on dates, and he wasted no time telling me about you! He lights up with a huge smile whenever he talks about you, and I knew that you meant the world to him. I was so excited to get the chance to meet you. He invited me over for […]
September 22, 2020
Naked Men Showing With his Small Penis

Tiny Tommy and His Clitty Cock

My diaper lover Tommy had no idea what I had in store for him.  I drove him to a parking lot near the house and without warning he saw his ex-girlfriend walk over to the car and I unlocked the passenger seat for her to sit.  She smiled as she knew what we already discussed prior, but Tommy was so shocked and puzzled why his ex-girlfriend Justine was in the car.  He said hello to her and she waved back, smiling with anticipation.  I then told Tommy who sat in the back seat to disrobe completely.  Hesitantly he did but he followed my instructions and stripped down to his undies.  I then told him to take off the undies as well because he is going to be diapered in front of Justine.  As he pulled […]
September 20, 2020
Hottest adult Boy Wearing the adult White diaper

Roger’s Public Humiliation At The Dorm

  I spent a shit load of money for Roger’s education.  As my only son I of course want nothing but the best for him.  He was a stellar student until I started getting vague responses from him regarding his grades. I then decided to call the school and I was told that grades are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone.  So I hired a hacker who was able to give me the grades that I requested and to my dismay, Roger was failing all of his classes. In addition to failing all of his classes, his roommate filed a complain with dorm room housing that Roger is a chronic bed wetter and he never changes his sheets, so the dorm room that they both shared smelled like a fish market. Once I found […]