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November 22, 2020
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It’s Spanksgiving – So Bend Over Bitch!

It’s Spanksgiving, so bend over bitch! What did you think was going to happen today when you saw all of the trimmings and the food in the kitchen?  Did you falsely assume that it was going to be a typical traditional and conventional holiday? Not at Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s house.   Now that I have you bent over the couch, naked I want you to arch your back so that your bottom sticks up in direct view of me so that I can reach over and spank your bottom with the first lash to shock it into submission. I felt your soft and tender bottom meat jiggle under the lash of my bare hand and I knew that this was only the beginning and that much more of it will be on the way. Now that […]
November 15, 2020
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Chasing After Chase

Without his permission, I kidnapped and blindfolded my neighbor Chase and made him into my adult baby. I was able to invite him over for tea which sedated him enough and it afforded me to drag him to my garage in order for me to tie him up  to the inside of my truck, then I drove him all the way from the busy city into the remote countryside.  Upon arrival, I decided to untie him and I gave him a head start to run away and try to find safety and I told him if I found him that he would be bound and tortured.  So I took out a racing gun with blanks that is used for marathon races and shot it into the air,  then I counted down from 50 all the […]
November 15, 2020
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Stepmommy Foot Worship

Lately, I have been feeling just a teensy little bit neglected by my babies. I am quite a strict and firm stepmommy, but I do so much for my little ones, loving them and taking care of their every little need day in and day out. I do not expect anything in return, in fact, I absolutely love that I am able to wake up every day and know that I will be spending my time doing something that I love so very much. There are times in every mommy, stepmommy, or care giver’s life in which they doubt whether or not their little ones do actually appreciate and know just what we do to make sure that our ABDL sweeties are safe, healthy, and happy. I think that it is time to get those […]
November 15, 2020
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ABDL Adult Sex Chat

Hello my precious little ABDL sweeties! I was doing some thinking the other day about our amazing chat room… There are just so many beautiful and loving mommies, aunties, sitters, stepmommies, and all kinds of other care givers and diaper cuties to play with in the chat room. The best part is, that there is always someone there to talk to and play with! I know how lonely it can be sometimes when you are a wayward adult baby or diaper lover and you are in need of proper love and care from someone… anyone… I know how desperate that your situation can become the morning that you wake up all alone and your little tummy hurts so bad, and before you know it, you have made a huge sloppy poopy mess in that thick […]
November 8, 2020
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Stepmommy Tawny’s Diaper Cuckold Husband

Oh boy, what an eventful weekend this ABDL Stepmommy had! I got to get into some extra naughty fun, much to my husband’s surprise and pleasure! I have been feeling like my husband has been giving me extra attitude lately and moping around the house whenever I ask him to do something. What better way to get his head out of his ass again than to show him what he will be missing if he ends up stuck on my bad side! Well… maybe the right phrase is to “force him” to see what he will be missing if he keeps acting this way. I planned a nice romantic evening for the two of us complete with a tasty four course meal, flowers and candles, a sexy outfit, the whole nine yards. My husband was […]
November 7, 2020
Sissy in dress red 1

Prissy Sissy Missy Gets Dolled Up

Prissy Sissy Missy was so happy that it was Mommy and Me day as today she would be treated so special by Mommy Scarlet.  Being stuck in the house for weeks at some point started to take it’s toll.  All of the fun places that Prissy Sissy Missy would go to with her Dommy Mommy Scarlet were closed and it saddened Missy because she missed being pampered.  “No need to worry about that dear” said Mommy Scarlet as today we are going to get you all dolled up.  Mommy Scarlet and Prissy Sissy Missy sat in the couch while they applied face mud masks and spread it evenly all over their faces, being very careful to avoid their eyes and noses.  After 30 minutes, they took warm wash cloths ad wiped off the excess to […]
November 1, 2020
potty training humiliation sissy baby

Potty Training Humiliation!

David quickly walked down the school hallway, staying on the edges of the crowd, everyone else trying to get to their classes. He could feel his diaper squelching between his thighs, so he was rushing to get to the nurse’s office, where she had a stash of abdl diapers tucked away just for him. He could lock the door and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone walking in! He had a few close calls with that before when he was using one of the bathrooms way at the back of the school, even though hardly anyone ever went in there. That got scary enough that he finally told the nurse about his incontinence and she let him keep his diapers in one of her desk drawers. He was dodging around one of the cheerleaders walking […]
November 1, 2020
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Spooky Costumed Femdom Stepmom

Tis the season to get spooky and scary and never hold back with doing so! This is my favorite time to take the opportunity to really flex my femdom chops and sink my claws into some fresh meat with all sorts of new and exciting ideas for pleasure and punishment. Now most of the people that I get to play with are so desperate to be used and abused and downright dominated! If it is domination that they are looking for this time, they have certainly come to the right place. I am feeling at the top of my game lately and picked up some props to really enhance my game and make it that much more intense for my lucky victims. I am talking costumes, baby! I am going to show these pathetic little […]
November 1, 2020
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ABDL Halloween Treats

This weekend brought about the most spooky of seasons, and I just know how much so many ABDL cuties love Halloween! I live where the seasons change and the trees change the colors of their leaves in true fall fashion. There is just something so cozy and crisp about the fall season and all that it has to offer. The sun goes down earlier now, so there is plenty of time for the spooks and haunts to come out to play with all of the little ones in the neighborhood. This ABDL Mommy has an extra special treat for all of my little ones this year… Not only are my babies going to get all dressed up in the cutest little costumes, but this mommy is going to dress up sweet and sexy for my […]