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March 20, 2016
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Mistress Liz

You call my phone and ask to speak with Mommy Liz. “This is she”, I say. You ask me to come over for some abdl fun. You answer the door excitedly when I arrive. I ask for the money up front and you hand it to me. I ask if we are alone and you nod your head yes. I untie and drop my trench coat and you stare at my sexy naked body. I ask your stipulations and you tell me. I pull out a diaper out of my bag and order you to take your clothes. When you undo them, I push you into the bedroom and force you onto the bed. I left your legs up in the air to put the abdl-diaper on you. I stand over you and place my […]
February 29, 2016
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Mommy’s Favorite Baby

Oh how I love Mommy’s abdl-baby. Baby and I do everything together. Today as I get the morning started, I walk into your nursery and I see you standing up in your crib ready to greet me. As I say good morning, you start jumping up and down, excited to see me. Aww Mommy’s baby is so cute. I take you out of your crib and I walk over to the rocking chair and set you on my lap. I pull down my shirt so that you can be breastfed. Aww Mommy loves looking at her baby. You stare at me with those big eyes as you hungrily suck on my breasts. When you’re finished, I decide our day can be started. I pick out a pink dress with ruffle trim for you to wear […]
February 15, 2016
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ABDL Valentine’s Day

I had such a great Valentine’s Day with my abdl baby. I decided to have a lingerie party on this day with all of my girlfriends. I picked out a sexy lace halter thong teddy that hugged my curves in all the right places.  After curling my long blond hair, and doing my makeup, I put on my favorite black high-heels. My little abdl-baby comes into my room and told me I look pretty. I thankfully give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him hes the star attraction at the party. His eyes light up and I hand him his valentines day gift and tell him to open it. He rips through the pink gift bag and inside he finds a velvet red diaper. His eyes light up and I can tell he […]
February 13, 2016
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Nanny Ella’s Nursery Tales: Pammy’s Playmate, Part 3

Welcome back to Nanny Ella’s ABDL Nursery. Time for more of Pammy’s tale… “Have a seat, Elizabeth,” Pammy said as she closed the door to her office, leaving them alone inside together. “We’ll get you all set up at a new work space this morning, and I can spend some time this afternoon walking you through the job. Oh, I don’t think I pointed out the restrooms on our tour. I’ll be sure to show you those later.” Pammy noticed Elizabeth stifle a giggle. “Did I say something funny?” Pammy asked. “Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just, well let’s just say I don’t need to know where the ‘little girls’ room’ is.” She shifted in her a chair a bit, her bottom making a crinkling noise… *Don’t forget, sweet ones, […]
February 6, 2016
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“A’s” Fantasy Pt 1

I love getting stories sent to me from my callers! Here’s a hot femdom fantasy caller “A” emailed me. There’s multiple parts so be sure to check them out! Her long flowing chestnut brown hair mixed with my long brown hair as we passionately embraced on the king-size four poster bed. I would catch a glimpse or two as I peered up between kisses. Mostly I saw her bright red lips as they neared my pink painted lips. She nibbled gently on my soft lips before driving her tongue into my mouth. Kissing me deeply as the temperature in me rose. She caressed my face with her beautifully manicured hand as she kissed me. I returned the kiss drawing her hot tongue deeper into my mouth. Submitting to her will as only she could make […]
January 24, 2016

A Great Day With Mommy – Part 1

I stretch my arms high up over my head and roll out of bed. Drawing back the curtains in my room, I see that it is a clear, sunny morning. Birds are singing, there is a nice breeze, and the sun is out and calling us out to play… Mommy is off work today, and baby relies on what mommy does! I wonder if my adult babies know what that means… Whenever I wake up in the morning and I know that I have all day to spend with my little ones, the gears in my mind start turning before I even wake them up! I pull on a robe, tie it around my waist, and head into the nursery, quiet as can be. I lean over your crib and I immediately catch a whiff […]
January 17, 2016
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My New Baby

One of the most exciting days in the nursery for this abdl mommy is when I get to meet a brand new smiling face! I always remember seeing their eyes light up when they realize that I will cater to all of the things that all of my little ones need! When I first take my new baby into the nursery, I show them the essentials of course. There are plenty of shelves full of neat stacks of disposable and cloth adult baby diapers. Plain and patterned, and many colors to cater to the tastes of my babies and diaper lovers! The changing table is cushioned and covered to make it nice for baby and clean for both of us! There is a large colorful rug in the middle, and near the edge of that […]
January 4, 2016
A lovely young lady sat in the chair, looking lovely.

Make Your Abdl Mommy Cum

I love that look in your eyes. Yes that look. The look of sheer desire and lust in your eyes. I know you secretly want me but be careful! Don’t let Daddy see that look. But when we’re alone you can look at me just like that. Nobody will love you like Mommy does. I give you spankings when you bad because bad boys get spankings. I know you love it though. But do you know what good boys get? They get to make your abdl-mommy cum. You’ve been so bad lately. I told you to get the dishes washed before I came home guess what I came home to find! Dirty dishes in the sink you naughty boy. I went to your parent teacher conference with Miss Williams this week and to my dismay, […]
December 7, 2015
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ABDL Breastfeeding Phone Sex with Mommy Candy

Mommy Candy loves ABDL Breastfeeding phone sex. You are a hungry little one and you always love breastfeeding time.  You love the way mommy pulls out her nice, supple, breast for you to suck on don’t you?  Look at you so comfy and cozy with your head in my lap as you look into mommy’s eyes and suck on my nice, erect, nipple.  Mommy Candy loves to take care of her little ones the right way all of the time.  As I look down at you sucking on my nipple, I see the content look on your face and how cozy you are laying in my lap.   I know it took a long time for you to admit you liked mommy to breast feed you, but once you started you are always hungry now.  Oh […]